These are the best cheesecakes to bring to a house party

7 January 2020

If there’s an award for Best Guest to a House Party, you’d win it with these alluring confections.

Whether you’re invited to a potluck, housewarming, or house party, it’s always nice to arrive with something for your host, or for the party itself. Which is why desserts are a favourite as gifts – they are versatile, appreciated by all, and, if they’re anything like Cat and the Fiddle’s cakes, you’ll probably be the guest of the day.

1. Fickle Feline, $48.90
An assortment of sliced cakes that come with and without alcohol, you’ll be able to cater to your fellow party goers’ varied tastes without fuss, and without getting your hands dirty. Win win!

2. Fickle Feline 2.0, $48.90
Have teetotaler friends? This non-alcoholic version is just as good as the first.

3. Over the Moon, $29.90
An adorable spin on the classic New York cheesecake, this confection delivers an intense, unadulterated and unapologetic cheese flavour that’s enrobed in a smooth lush finish.

4.  King Cat of the Mountain, $42.90
Indulge in this luscious confection that’s packed with creamy goodness. The arresting flavour from the Mao Shan Wang durian complements the silky smooth cream cheese perfectly.

5. Milo Dinosaur, $32.90
Singapore’s favourite indulgent drink is transformed into an equally intoxicating dessert with heaps of Milo powder that’s sprinkled all over the cake.

Bonus: Looking to spoil your friends? Don’t miss the gift options that include a bottle of wine, flowers, a canister of tea and more, that’ll complement the cakes perfectly 

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