Look fabulous in greasy, dirty second-day hair with these easy tips!

8 January 2020

No shampoo required.

Whether you’ve had a blowout done at the salon and you’re reluctant to wash it all off the next day, or you simply don’t have enough time to wash your hair in the morning, here’s how to refresh your look without feeling greasy or gross.

1. Tie your tresses into a bun

Head out in a look-at-me topknot or high bun, or opt for an understated but equally chic low bun.

2. French braids

Keep your hair out of your face (and the grease unnoticed) by braiding them. If your hair is long enough, opt for a French braid. For shoulder-length hair, consider a half crown braid instead.

3. Change your parting

The oil on your scalp tends to settle on your regular parting, which tends to give you flat hair. Switch up your parting to give your tresses a bit more volume, and refresh your look.

4. Dry shampoo or baby powder

If your hair’s not long enough to tie into a quick ponytail or bun, tie it up in a half bun, or simply use dry shampoo or baby powder. With the latter, make sure you really rub it into your scalp until it’s all blended. You don’t want white flecks of powder stuck in-between the strands, or have grey hair at the roots. Never a good look.

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