Transform your bathroom into a luxurious sanctuary with these easy tips

8 January 2020

Afraid of breaking the bank for a luxurious claw-foot tub and gold gilded toilets? Make the most important room in your house look as luxe with neutral hues, clever-placed accents, scents and chic containers.

1. Go neutral

If your bathroom’s up for a major revamp, consider neutral colour schemes as they never go out of style. Think sleek grey, blue-grey, wooden, beige or white tiles with hints of granite, marble, or geometric accents.

2. Pick a mish-mash of materials

Bring life to an otherwise flat palette with fun details like pebbled walls, potted plants and drapes (if your bathroom’s big enough).

3. Have it smell great

One of the biggest turn-offs about bathrooms is that they smell bad and are chock-full of germs. Get rid of them with scented candles, scent diffusers, essential oils, lemons (if you want to go chemical-free), air freshener sachets and so on.

4. Hand sanitisers and soaps within easy reach

Whether you have guests frequently over or not, soap is key – everyone needs to wash their hands when they’re done with the bathroom. Get soap dispensers that’ll match your bathroom decor.

5. A stand-out decor item

Instead of making everything pretty in the bath, choose a focal area that’ll draw attention easily. Think a large, stand-out mirror, dynamic floor tiles, a separate glass-covered shower area, an interesting sign or toilet seat cover introduces pizzazz instantly.

6. Bathroom fixtures
New ones are relatively inexpensive and painless to update. Think towel racks and rings, faucets and knobs on your cabinets.

7. Plush bath and face towels and rugs
Even if you don’t have extra cash to splurge on minor renovations, have yourself feeling like a million bucks with a towel with a high thread count.

8. Get organised

A messy bathroom is never a good look, and there’s not much excuse to be so, with these pretty organisers that can store your cotton buds, swabs, pins, moisturisers and others.

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