13 ways to save money when booking a hotel room

8 January 2020

For times when travelling gets expensive, and every dollar counts.

1. Book via a booking or hotels comparison site
Suss out the best offers via these sites, which list the cheapest prices according to your date of travel, plus perks (if any).

2. Clear your cookies and cache
Like airline tickets, some hotels may practice demand-based pricing, so if you’re not making your booking the first time when you log in, it’s a good practice to keep.

3. Book directly

Some hotels may offer exclusive offers (that’re better than third party applications) when you book via their website.

4. Be flexible with your dates
Rates may vary according to peak and non-period periods, including holidays. So if your dates aren’t set in stone, it’s something to consider.

5. Know your seasons and events
Those will affect hotel room rates too.

6. Priorities
Determine yours. If location matters, you may have to sacrifice on size, and vice versa. If your budget doesn’t allow for you to stay near a particular landmark, check if the hotel offers free or affordable shuttle bus services.

7. Accept the benefits
Look out for hotels which offer complimentary wifi (‘cause priorities), breakfast, late check out, plus other perks. Even if you have to top up a couple of dollars or so, these may end up being cheaper than alternatives.

8. Mention that it’s a special occasion
On your honeymoon, or celebrating a birthday or anniversary? Mention it when booking your reservation, and the hotel might just surprise you with something nice.

9. Join loyalty programmes
If there’s a particular hotel or group you really enjoy, sign up to be a member, where you’ll get to enjoy discounted offers or free upgrades.

10. Use credit card benefits
Similarly, check the rewards and benefits on your credit card, where you may be able to use your points to score a free upgrade or offset your room rates.

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11. Book standard rooms

These are usually the cheapest, and unless you’re looking for specific amenities standard rooms offer, don’t go there.

12. Extend your stay

Some hotels may offer a night or two for free when you extend your stay with them.

13. Plan in advance
This way, you won’t get caught up in last-minute fees, plus you’ll get to pick or request for your preferred room.

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