Red Sparrow Review: An Authentic Vietnamese Culinary Experience at Dempsey Hill

12 August 2020

Located in quaint Dempsey Hill, Red Sparrow is a humble Vietnamese restaurant that’s worth a visit (even if you’re not driving). You’ll step into a charming old Saigon where you’ll see colourful paper lanterns from Hanoi and wall murals depicting the Vietnamese way of life, which adds to the overall dining experience. The dishes come in generous portions, which makes it easier to share if you’re there with a group of friends.

Dishes here will transport you to Vietnam as each bite allows you to experience authentic Vietnamese cuisine that will tickle your fancy. The ingredients used are flown from different regions of Vietnam, to keep the authentic flavours intact.

Start with the Goi Cuon (rice paper rolls), generously stuffed with succulent tiger prawns, braised pork, springy dry white noodles, vegetables and herbs. Then, move on to the Pho Bo (beef pho), which is served steaming hot and each sip of the broth will have you grinning from ear to ear. The flat rice noodles blend in with the deep, rich homemade broth, while large slices of quality beef, sprouts and herbs heighten the overall flavour of the dish.

Be sure not to miss the Thit Lon Nuong (charcoal-grilled marinated Berkshire Pork, egg and pork terrine, roasted greens and homemade fish sauce), an explosion of flavours when eaten together. Pair your mains with an array of wine options from Dalat, Vietnam. For a bona fide Vietnamese culinary experience, Red Sparrow definitely hits all the right spots.

Food: 5*
Ambience: 5*
Value for money: 4*

Red Sparrow
11 Dempsey Road, #01-18