Tuk Wan Kitchen review: Looking for an authentic Thai restaurant experience? You’ve got it here!

7 January 2020

At Tuk Wan, which means “every day” in Thai, you can expect authentic and affordable dishes, plus charming hospitality from its owner and director, Dexter Lim.

The kitchen is helmed by Thai chefs who come with a total of 30 years of experience, and ingredients that come directly from Thailand, so you’ll feel as if you’ve been transported directly to the Land of Smiles the minute your orders arrive.

When we were there, we couldn’t get enough of its BBQ Grilled Pork Skewers which were marinated and cooked to perfection. The Thai papaya salad was tangy and refreshing while the marinated Thai fish cakes were plump, springy and golden.

The Tom Yum Soup with a coconut milk-infused base was spicy and robust. Prefer something more substantial? The Tom Yum Glass Noodle Soup (with a choice of chicken, pork or seafood) is as flavourful as the Tom Yum Soup. For added crunch, don’t miss its Whole Red Fish Deep Fried with Thai Herbs that comes with two wonderful sauces – a spicy and sour chilli sauce and a salty bean sauce.

And of course, what’s a meal in Thailand without its famous Mango Sticky Rice? Tuk Wan’s version comprised sweet, sliced Thai mangoes that complemented the sticky rice perfectly.

Food 4*
Ambience 3*
Value for money 4*

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