Donna Restaurant & Bar review: Simple fusion food that packs a whole lot of flavour

26 May 2020

Located a stone’s throw away from one-north MRT, Donna Restaurant & Bar is a hit with those working not only within the vicinity, but beyond. This humble restaurant specialises in Asian and Western cuisines, with a focus in wok hei, mala and Chinese dishes.

Be left in awe with a wide range of dishes such as their signature Angus Beef Hor Fun – a classic Chinese dish with an added twist where premium Angus beef is used. Cooked in a big wok, the end result exudes an alluring and delicious wok hei flavour that’ll have you grinning in delight. The thick and velvety gravy coats the Angus beef and hor fun, creating a beautiful masterpiece that beckons to be devoured immediately.  

Pasta lovers, you can’t go wrong with their Seafood Aglio Olio! Fat and juicy prawns, fresh mussels and squids are cooked together with their al dente linguine pasta will have your mouth water. Ask for spicy if you’d like an extra heat. If you’d like something unique, try the Creamy Bacon Spinach Gnocchi! Gnocchi is a dumpling made from mashed potatoes, flour and eggs. A dish that has bacon and cream? It can’t get any better than this. Fret not, the right amount cream is used so you won’t feel too jelak.

Check out our video of Donna Restaurant & Bar here – don’t drool too much!

Food: 4*
Ambience: 4*
Value for money: 5*

Donna Restaurant & Bar
1 Fusionopolis Pl

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