The Grumpy Bear Review: Comfort Western Food with a Delicious Local Twist

9 March 2021

It’s all smiles here at The Grumpy Bear - keep your bellies happy at this cosy, inviting café, and expect to taste only the best Western cuisine. Known for their signature chicken dishes, taste fusion flavours that are raved by many.

With more than 10 chicken offerings, their highly praised dish is the Cajun Chicken – juicy and tender chicken chop grilled to perfection, served with their special mushroom sauce on the side. If you prefer local flavours with a tinge of spiciness, tickle your fancy with the Salted Egg and Chilli Crab Chicken.

Eat your carbs with a range of appetising pasta dishes. A true classic, you can’t go wrong with the Classic Carbonara, a hit with customers of all ages – al dente pasta in a creamy sauce is a tasty treat you can’t say no to.

Here at The Grumpy Bear, they only use the best type of fish, the Pacific Dory fillets for their Old Skool Fish & Chips delivering succulent flavours with each bite. Served with fries and homemade tartar sauce, it’s a dish loved by many.  

For those with a more ravenous appetite, try their franks and burgers, such as The Cheesy Franky or The Grumpy Cheeseburger. For the latter, stacked between buttery brioche buns, a juicy beef patty, sliced cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and a dollop of their secret sauce that marries all the ingredients beautifully, and of course a side of fries.

Food: 5*
Ambience: 5*
Value for money: 5*

Grab 1-for-1 dining offers for The Grumpy Bear’s Pasta/ Chicken at Jurong SAFRA, Thomson Plaza, Bukit Timah Plaza and Kebun Baru Community Club.