Moc Quan review: Heartwarming Vietnamese cuisine in Central Singapore

2 July 2020

At Moc Quan, you’ll get to experience more than just a sublime Vietnamese cuisine. The restaurant is tastefully decorated with antiquated furniture imported directly from Vietnam and the storefront is adorned with paper umbrella decorations. As you step into the restaurant, you’ll hear subtle Vietnamese music playing in the background exuding true Vietnamese cultural vibes. Moc Quan means ‘simple’ in Vietnamese, and the restaurant illustrates just that with its dishes, everyday Vietnamese food that are beautifully simple yet complex, maintaining its authenticity.

Vietnamese food is more than just a bowl of Pho (flat rice noodles with flavourful beef-based broth, sliced beef, brisket, and meatballs). While they do serve a tantalising bowl of Pho that is rich in flavourful broth, we highly recommend ordering Com Tam (pork chop rice). It features a juicy and well-marinated BBQ pork chop, served with steamed egg (cooked the traditional Vietnamese way), with white rice, fresh salad and homemade fish sauce.

Take a bite of Banh Mi, a warm French baguette filled with fresh vegetables and grilled chicken. Their baguettes are baked fresh daily, so you’ll be assured freshness and quality in every bite. All the Banh Mi dishes are served with parsley, butter, cucumber, picked vegetables and Vietnamese chili - definitely gives you the extra kick if you love the heat!

Affordable and robust flavours in every dish, you’ll reminisce of the time you were in Vietnam indulging in the famous street food, but you’re experiencing it in Singapore. If you’d like to relive those memories, you ought to try Moc Quan for an un-Pho-gettable time.

Food: 5*
Ambience: 5*
Value for money: 5*

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Moc Quan
81 Clemenceau Avenue UE Square Shopping Mall