Thai Food Station review: Authentic and affordable Thai food in Serangoon North

21 July 2020

Sink your teeth into fiery, tangy and spicy Thai dishes at Thai Food Station! Conveniently located in the heartland of Serangoon North, enjoy delectable Thai cuisine that’ll have you say ‘aroi mak mak’, which means ‘very delicious’ in Thai. At Thai Food Station, indulge on authentic Thai cuisine prepared by a team of passionate Thai chefs who aims to bring a taste of their home to our shores

For starters, excite your senses and order the aromatic Fragrant Pandan Chicken ($7.80), Signature Pork Skewer ($7.80) or Thai Prawn Cake served with Plum Sauce ($6.80). If you’re not counting calories, you ought to order the Crispy Chicken Skin ($6.80) which you’ll finish in a blink of an eye, due to its crispiness and well-marinated chicken skin. A must-try soup is their signature Tom Yum Clear Soup ($10.80), and you can select your preferred choice of meat such as pork, chicken, prawn or seafood. Each sip of the soup might is rather spicy, but so aroi mak mak! It’s the perfect dish to order especially on a rainy day.

While the aforementioned dishes are exquisite in their own way, the dish that stole the spotlight would be the Crispy Red Fish with Well-Known Trio Flavour Sauce ($22.80), where the freshness of the fried Redfish is elevated when devoured with the sweet and spicy sauce served on the side. If you love pork, you must-try their Char-Broiled Marinated Pork Collar ($9.80), cooked to perfection as the tender meat melts in your mouth with each bite.

For dessert, we can’t rave enough about their signature Sweet Tapioca with Coconut Cream – sticky tapioca juxtaposed beautifully with smooth coconut cream. Also, try their famous Thai dessert, Red Ruby, it’s a refreshing respite in Singapore’s perpetual heat.

Food: 4*
Ambience: 4*
Value for money: 5*

152 Serangoon North Ave 1 #01-304

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