Paddyfolks review – Japanese & Western Fusion Bowls for a Flavourful Quick Fix

17 November 2020

If there’s one thing we can’t live without as Asians, it’s gotta be rice. The good folks at Paddyfolks sure knows how to take it up a notch with their Japanese-Western rice bowls that’ll make your mouth water. Each bowl is constructed with premium Japanese rice and a range of proteins from beef, chicken to salmon. At Paddyfolks, it’s always #ricetomeetyou.

Go big with their best-seller Yakinuku Beef Tender ($15.20) – sous vide beef tender slices drizzled with Yakinuku sauce, served on a bed of fluffy white rice with vegetables, sweet corn, tobiko, nori flakes and an onsen egg. Or go vegetarian with an all-time favourite Truffle Shimeji ($14.90) – deep-fried golden shimeiji mushrooms tossed in fragrant truffle oil on white rice with similar sides.

Pasta lovers aren’t left out, they also have pasta bowls, cooked al dente in a kombu stock. It is then drained, tossed and served with nori flakes, tobiko and sesame seed which unleashes all the delicious umami flavours. Mentaiko Salmon and Furikake Pasta ($16.90) and Beef Tender Aglio Olio ($16.90) are some of their best-sellers.

Prefer something more customized? Create a DIY bowl by following the simple steps below - regular is $9.90, $12.90 for medium and $15.90 for large.

Book a Table here and enjoy 1-for-1 offers of Paddyfolks’ Mains here.

Address: Funan, 107 North Birdge Road, #02-37/38, S179105
Opening hours: Mon to Thurs 11.30am – 8.30pm and Friday to Sunday 11.30am – 9pm

All image credits to Paddyfolks.