Patbingsoo Korean Dining House Review: Affordable Korean Street Food & Bingsu at Northpoint City

13 August 2021

A visit to Northpoint City is like going through a maze of food haven, with eateries at every corner. But for the true hidden gem, head to Patbingsoo Korean Dining House at B1, South Wing, which serves more than just bingsu, a popular South Korean dessert. They also offer a range of authentic and affordable Korean dishes, from Budae Jigae, Bulgogi Wrap, Ramyeon to Bibimbab and more. With a visually stunning menu that features images and descriptions of each dish, you’ll know what to expect but still, be blown away by the rich flavours.

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You can’t go wrong with Ramyeon, especially in rainy weather making it one of the best comfort foods to indulge in. Try their house special, Gochujang Ramyeon (Pork) ($13.90) - includes egg, luncheon meat, enoki, pork belly, cooked in a spicy Gochujang sauce.

A staple Korean dish that’s hard to say no to, the Bibimbab (Pork) ($8.90) is a classic and everyone’s favourite – expect a generous portion of pork, seasoned vegetables, special sauce, and an egg, served on a warm bed of rice in a hot stone bowl. Whether you prefer mixing everything or taking a portion each for every bite, it delivers the same satisfying punch.

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We all know that a Korean dining experience isn’t complete without some crunchy fried chicken, and here at Patbingsoo Korean Dining House, they pride themselves in creating one of the best. Order the Korean Popcorn Chicken (Honey Garlic) ($6.90) – boneless chicken chunks, mixed with sweet honey garlic sauce and served piping hot. It’s best eaten with a main dish or great on its own.

If you’re looking to share with friends and family, try the Chef’s Recommendation Twi Gim Jiggae ($39.90), their twist to the famous Korean Army Stew. This flavourful dish includes tempura prawns, mussels, rice cake, fish cake, mushroom, chicken sausage and ramyeon in a flavourful tteokbokki soup base.

After a satiating meal, it’s a must to finish your meal with their refreshing bingsu! Try the Chungmuro (Green Tea), Jamsil (Almond), Dongdaemun (Banana), Myeongdong (Coffee) Patbingsoo (all with red bean) or Anguk Bingsoo (no red bean), for just $10.90.

Enjoy our 1-for-1 dining offers at Patbingsoo Korean Dining House (Northpoint City) here.

Food: 5*
Ambience: 5*
Value for money: 4*

Northpoint City, 930 Yishun Ave 2, #B1-181 South Wing, S769098

Contact Number:
9169 5835

All images are credited to Patbingsoo Korean Dining House.