Beat the Heat with The Alley's NEW Limited Edition Grape Series

20 June 2022

The Alley has just released their latest summer series consisting of two grape-licious drinks - Grape Yoghurt, a yoghurt beverage made with ice-blended fresh grapes and Greek yoghurt, and Snow Grape Lulu, a refreshing drink made with ice-blended fresh grapes, jasmine green tea and green tea jelly topping

For the uninitiated, The Alley is a well-known and popular Taiwanese beverage chain founded in Taichung, Taiwan in 2013. Known for their delectable range of tea beverages concocted from premium, hand-harvested tea leaves, The Alley can be found in over 55 cities worldwide, including cities in USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Mainland China, South Korea, Japan, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam and Singapore.

We dive down for a taste test so you know if they are worth queueing up for.

1. Grape Yoghurt

As the name suggests, this concoction is made by ice-blending fresh grapes, a generous serving of Greek yoghurt and green tea jelly topping. The result is a delicious blend of the sweetness of fresh, ripe grapes and the smooth and thick texture of Greek yoghurt. The blending green tea jelly topping is the icing on the cake by bringing to the table a QQ texture - perfect if you like to have something to chew on when enjoying your drink.

Adding some Greek yoghurt to the inside of the cup for better visuals.

Completing the drink with ice-blended grapes, Greek yoghurt and green tea jelly topping.

We found this creation to be a marvelous blend of the sweetness of ripe grapes, and the tartness and creaminess of Greek yoghurt. The blended green tea jelly topping contributed with the aroma of tea and a tinge of bitterness. 

Truth be told, we really enjoyed this drink to the last sip.

Recommendation: 5/5. Get it before it runs out!

2. Snow Grape Lulu

The Alley's Snow Strawberry Lulu has seen tremendous success, even gaining iconic status as one of the must-order drinks at The Alley. The new Snow Grape Lulu aims to build on that success, albeit with some minor differences this time.

No longer is white peach oolong tea used as the base now, as it has been replaced by jasmine green tea. 

Ice-blended together with fresh grapes, green tea jelly topping and then topped with a layer of velvety Himalayan Salt Macchiato cream - this is one drink that comes jam-packed with flavours.

Adding the layer of velvety Himalayan Salt Macchiato cream on top.

A visually-pleasing beverage indeed.

Ditch the straw, as you will want to sink your lips onto that layer of velvety and slightly salty Himalayan Salt Macchiato cream. Dive deeper and you'll find your lips getting hit soon with a icy cold blast from the grape-flavoured jasmine green tea concoction made from fresh grapes and premium tea leaves. Experience the saltiness from the macchiato cream, the sweetness from the grapes and the bitterness from the jasmine green tea all at once - you'll feel your worries from the day drifting away together with the vapour emitting from the ice-cold drink.

The highlight to this drink is the balance of the heaviness of the Himalayan Salt Macchiato cream and the lightness of the jasmine green tea base - it kept us going for sip after sip.

Recommendation: 5/5. If you prefer a slightly less sweet beverage, this is the one for you!

Plenty of grape goodness in each cup.

Overall verdict: The Alley's latest Grape Series provides a much-needed respite from the recent heat wave. Both drinks are refreshing, thirst-quenching and simply delicious. 

Prefer something sweet and tarty? Go for the Grape Yoghurt. Want to have a light drink but intersperse your sips with flavourful macchiato cream? Go for the Snow Grape Lulu. 

Note that these drinks are released on a limited basis so do grab them while stocks last! They are available at ALL outlets except for Jewel.

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