How to eat sushi like a pro

7 January 2020

Save this guide for your next visit to Japan or an authentic Japanese resto.

It may sound pretentious to want to eat sushi like a pro, but wanting to do things the right way especially when most of the dishes are artfully prepared for you won’t hurt. Plus, the knowledge may come in handy especially when you’re looking to dine at a fancy Japanese restaurant, or head east for a truly authentic experience (see also: Japan travel tips).

Wasabi and soy
Hands up if you’re guilty of mixing your wasabi with the soy sauce the minute you take your seat. Here’s news: while it is commonly accepted to mix wasabi with the soy sauce these days, the proper technique is to place a small amount of wasabi on the sushi before eating.

Swallow it whole
If you’re dining in front of the chef, it’s rude to bite the sushi into two as it’s meant to be eaten in one bite. If you think you can’t manage, ask the chef to make it in smaller portions.

Number your fish

There is a way to eat the different types of fish on the sushi, apparently, in order to maximise the flavour. Start with a white fish, and work your way to the fattiest cut. Save the egg and crab meats for later after the fish.

Don’t eat the ginger with your sushi
It is meant for in between courses to cleanse your palate.

Fish in first
For nigiri sushi (that’s the one with the fish or egg on top of the rice), always dip the top in, and not the rice. And when you dip it into soy sauce, don’t dunk it. Have just enough sauce so you don’t overpower the flavour of the fish.

Don’t rub your chopsticks
If you have a habit of rubbing your wooden chopsticks together after splitting it, don’t do it here. The chef may take it to mean that his utensils are of low quality.

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