Best Chocolate and Candy Treats from The Cocoa Trees

11 December 2020

For the widest range of chocolates, candies and all things delicious, you can count on The Cocoa Trees. Here, you’ll find the yummiest treats made locally and globally. From the addictive Shi Le Po Potato Chips, indulgent GODIVA chocolates to sweet jelly beans, The Cocoa Trees is the one-stop candy shop that’s always here for you. Apply our exclusive promo codes at checkout to enjoy big savings!

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1. Nutella B-Ready T4 88g (2 pcs for $8, U.P. $6.80 each)

‘B’ for bread, these mini baguettes are crispy wafer shells filled with rich Nutella hazelnut spread, and is the best grab-n-go snack. If you’re always in the rush prepping breakfast for the kids (or yourself), this is an alternative option that’s always ready to go. Crunchy on the outside, and creamy on the inside, you found your new favourite chocolate wafer.

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2. Shi Le Po - Salted Egg Fish Skin 80g (2 pcs for $10, U.P. $6.50 each)

Feed your insatiable salted egg cravings with Shi Le Po’s Salted Egg Fish Skin, an award-winning chef’s recipe made with premium ingredients. Flavourful, crispy and coated with real salted egg, this savoury snack is proudly made in Singapore.

3. Zaini Tsum Tsum Chocolate Eggs ($12, U.P. $6.40 each)

It doesn’t have to be Easter to enjoy chocolate eggs! Grab this 3 pc x Zaini Tsum Tsum Chocolate Eggs 60g that the kids will love. Devour the milk chocolate eggshells and be surprised with which toy they’ll get.

4. Ritter Sport Chocolate ($10 for 3 or 4 pcs, U.P. $3.80 - $4.40)

Colourfully wrapped in bright colours, these square-shaped chocolate bars are truly iconic. From bright yellow for cornflakes, white for yogurt to brown for butter biscuits, the flavours are endless and you’d want to collect all. Do check out their latest Cocoa Selection chocolates which are made from Peru, Nicaragua and Ghana – rich chocolate-y flavours which will have you wanting more.

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5. Fazer Geisha Dark Chocolate (2 pcs for $12, U.P. $19.20 each)

Imported from Finland, the Fazer Geisha Dark Chocolate with soft hazelnut filling not only looks pretty but tastes amazing too. Comes in a bright pink box decorated with pastel flowers, this box of chocolate makes a great gift that anyone will love.

6. Jelly Beans Beanboozled Spinner Game Box 100g ($10, U.P. $13)

Spin the wheel and let the arrow seal your fate to which bean you should eat. The best part is, you won’t know if the jelly bean tastes yummy or yucky! Are you game?

7. Weather’s Original – Cream Candies

Originating from Germany, these smooth and creamy candies are true classics. They’ve been around since we were young, and the flavour remains the same, giving you that nostalgic happiness. It’s hard to stop just at one.

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8. barkTHINS – Dark Chocolate Pretzel with Seasalt 133g (2 pcs for $10, U.P. $11.30 per pc)

Hate feeling guilty as you snack on your favourite chocolate? Not with barkTHINS snacking chocolate. Comes in the perfect combo of dark chocolate and savoury pretzel, this snack is non-GMO and is irresistibly delicious. Comes in bite-size pieces, this is the ultimate snack which won’t add to your waistline (when eaten sparingly). Do try their other flavour, Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Seed with Sea Salt which is just as addictive.

9. Nougat – Golden Boronia Crunchy Almond 100g (3 pcs for $9, U.P. $3.90 per pc)

A true classic, Nougat, is a treat which we’ve tried at least once in our lives. Each bite rekindles a nostalgic memory – from the smell, texture and taste. Stay original with their classic crunchy Almond, or try their other popular flavours such as Cappuccino, Apricot and Green Tea.

10. HERSHEY’s KISSES Cookie ‘N’ Crème Snack Size Bag 484g ($12, U.P. $24.10)

When you think of cookies and cream, you’ll think of HERSHEY’s chocolate. This bag of cream cookies and cream treat comes in individually packed, making it super easy and convenient to snack at any time of the day.

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All images credit to The Cocoa Trees.

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