BBQ Box Prime - Clarke Quay's Latest Hot Spot for Casual Suppers and After-Work Get-Togethers

29 June 2022

BBQ Box is no new entrant to the local food scene.

Established since 2007, when their first skewers outlet opened in Geylang to throngs of curious and hungry Singaporeans, BBQ Box has been credited with bringing the grill-box-on-the-table concept to the masses in Singapore. Their skewers are also affordably priced, starting from just $1.50 for most meat skewers.

BBQ Box's skewers are kept warm on a grill box.

You neither have to grill them yourself, nor put up with cold and lacklustre skewers. The lit candles beneath each grill box keep your skewers sizzling hot and delectable right down to the last bite. Inexpensive and ingenious.

No need to worry about skewers getting cold

5 outlets and millions of skewers later, BBQ Box is bringing these much-loved skewers to the heart of Singapore's clubbing and watering zone - Clarke Quay. 

Featuring the much-loved BBQ Box brand and Monster Fish, a brand new F&B brand by BBQ Box focusing on their signature Sichuan grilled fish, the new dual-brand flagship outlet aims to be one of the hottest spots in Clarke Quay for late-night suppers and after-work get-togethers. 

Think of it as everything you love about BBQ Box but with new premium offerings such as barbequed live seafood and cocktails. Check out what you can expect from this two-storey flagship outlet. 

It is go big or go home.

Located at the heart of Singapore's clubbing district - Clarke Quay.

Urban and industrial style interior design.

Located at the same block that houses Singapore's omniscient playground for youths - Zouk, BBQ Box Prime is where you go to for a much-needed refuel after a night of reveling. Partygoers will be thrilled to hear that BBQ Box Prime is open from 3pm till 3am (Sun - Fri), and from 3pm till 4am on Sat, eve of PH and PH

No more hungry bellies after a night of partying!

Need some alcohol to kickstart things? Choose from over 100 alcoholic beverages from places such as Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, China, and Japan. BBQ Box Prime is the first restaurant in Singapore to introduce China's 'national drink', or bai jiu, with a youthful twist.

Featuring punny names like Cute-cumber Gin, Little Pinky, Sound of Pipa and Sex Escape.

Bai jiu is such a popular drink, roughly 10 billion litres are produced and consumed each year. Here at BBQ Box Prime, you can experiment with new flavours and styles of cocktails mixed with the ubiquitous Jiang Xiao Bai 江小白, a leading brand of bai jiu in China.

Laoshan beer uses spring water from Laoshan mountain in Shandong.

Our colleague skilfully pouring the Hayashi Tsuru Sakura ($24).Nobody drinks on an empty stomach, and that is why we got the Abalone, Scallops, Seafood Skewers in Mala Sauce ($18.80 for 10 skewers) to complement the drinks. This popular Northeastern Chinese cold dish comprises of fresh and tender baby abalone, scallops, prawns, quail eggs and seasonal vegetables soaked in a punchy and spicy mala sauce. 

If this is the precursor of what is to come, we certainly cannot wait for the main dishes to arrive.

A popular Northeastern Chinese cold dish - Seafood Skewers in Mala Sauce ($18.80).

1. Barramundi in Signature Golden Pumpkin Broth ($39.80)

With pre-meal drinks and starters settled, it is time to delve into the main highlights at BBQ Box Prime. What is a trip to this dual-brand flagship outlet without trying Monster Fish, right?

To order a Monster Fish, choose from either Sea Bass or Barramundi, and from 5 different broths such as Mala, Green Pepper, Spicy Ginger, Garlic or Signature Golden Pumpkin. We went with the Barramundi in Signature Golden Pumpkin Broth ($39.80) and boy, were we taken on a gastronomical adventure. 

So fresh the barramundi seemed to be swimming in the pumpkin broth.

This à la minute grilled fish (prepared to order, not in advance) was our personal favourite dish of the evening. Tender white meat of the fish lays beneath the golden, charred fish skin, nicely soaking up the tangy sweet pumpkin broth with a hint of chilli spice. Garlic scapes are added to complete the dish.

Take a spoonful of the fresh and juicy barramundi meat soaked in smooth pumpkin broth and savour the moment as they tantalise your taste buds. Simply delicious and soothing to the palate.

2. Grilled Live Lobster with Mentaiko and Cheese ($188)

Another colleague skilfully squeezing the lemon on the Grilled Live Lobster with Mentaiko and Cheese ($188).

The Grilled Live Lobster with Mentaiko and Cheese ($188) was everything we love about lobsters. Luscious, live lobsters weighing at least 700g are used to ensure top freshness and quality. They are coated in butter and parmesan cheese on one half and mentaiko on the other before being grilled to perfection.

The mentaiko and cheese toppings gave this dish additional depths, contrasting the sweet lobster meat with savoury mentaiko and cheese. This will be your new favourite lobster dish!

3. Smoked Duck Breast with Orange ($14.80)

Their Smoked Duck Breast with Orange ($14.80) scored plenty of points for blending well the strong and meaty richness of duck with the tanginess of orange. 

Yummy small bites before the feasting begins.

4. Grilled Premium Half Shell Scallops ($9.80 for 2 pc)

Craving something spicy? Satisfy your cravings with their Grilled Premium Half Shell Scallops ($9.80 for 2 pc). As usual, the freshness and sweetness of the scallops were on full force after your taste buds move beyond the richness of the spicy mala sauce.  

Extremely flavourful mala sauce.

5. Stir Fried Frog with Green/Dried Chilli ($35.80)

Another dish that deserves mention is the Northeastern Chinese specialty dish Stir Fried Frog with Green/Dried Chilli ($35.80). Fresh and meaty frogs are chopped to bite-size bits and stir fried together with green or dried chilli, giving it an addictive kick. If you like spicy food, make sure to order this. Our colleague loved this dish so much she is already making plans for her next visit.

Frog is steaming.If you think the food is all there is to this restaurant, wait till you make your way to the restroom. And no we are not talking about the cleanliness (which should be a given anyway).

Gorging on so much meat in one sitting can have a detrimental effect on our breath. Yes I am looking at that colleague sat next to me happily yakking away after her 18th meat skewer.

Make a trip to the restroom at BBQ Box Prime and you will be pleasantly surprised by the mini bottles of mouthwash available for everyone to use. The level of attention! 

Free-to-use mouthwash. No excuse for smelling like a fish after your meal.

This emphasis on food and service quality is exactly why the brand sees hordes of hungry people waiting patiently in line each day. This is a brand that brought grill boxes to diners' table so that when a customer reaches for the 20th or even 30th stick, they are still sizzling hot and quality uncompromised. 

Food coma in 3, 2, 1...

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BBQ Box Prime (Clarke Quay)
Address: 3C River Valley Rd, Clarke Quay Blk C, #01-10 & #02-03 The Cannery, Singapore 179022
Opening Hours: Sun - Fri 3pm - 3am. Sat, eve of PH & PH 3pm - 4am

BBQ Box (Chinatown)
Address: 262 South Bridge Rd, Singapore 058811
Opening Hours: Mon - Fri 12pm - 12am. Sat - Sun 12pm - 1.30am

BBQ Box (Bugis)
Address: 21 Tan Quee Lan St, #01-03, Singapore 188108
Opening Hours: Mon - Fri 12pm - 12am. Sat - Sun 12pm - 1.30am

BBQ Box (Bukit Timah)
Address: 22 Cheong Chin Nam Rd, Singapore 599746
Opening Hours: Mon - Fri 2pm - 2am. Sat - Sun 12pm - 2am

BBQ Box (Geylang)
Address: 182 Geylang Rd, Singapore 389252
Opening Hours: Daily 1.30pm - 1.30am

BBQ Box (East Coast)
Address: 195 E Coast Rd, Singapore 428900
Opening Hours: Daily 11.30am - 11.30pm

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