6 surefire ways to win Facebook contests

8 January 2020

Take it from the people who constantly sift through answers to find their winners.

1. Choose your contests wisely

Taking part in too many and in quick succession will only make you look desperate and greedy, especially when you have just won one of them recently.

2. Don’t beg
Unless you have a compelling story to tell, or a reason why you should be chosen, no amount of “please”s will help. Really.

3. “Hoping to win” isn’t going to cut it

Everyone hopes to win. What makes yours stand out? Like I said, stories matter, and if yours manages to touch us, chances are higher that you’ll win. But always go back to point one. No matter how many stories you send us, if you’ve won something recently, you probably will be passed on for the next person.

4. Look for the less popular ones

The popular ones are obviously a hit for a reason. But if you’re in it to win it (or for bragging rights), choose a contest that’ll have you competing with less people.

5. Put in some effort

Even though we ask for the bare minimum with most contests, every little effort is going to show. With every “please”, “hope to win”, and tag a friend, a member with a fun or touching story really stands out.

6. A cute pic would be great too
If you haven’t cottoned on yet, the point is to make your post stand out without going overboard. A cute pic or gif might give your post the added attention it needs.

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