No time for exercise? Here’s how to stay trim and fit in the office

8 January 2020

Here’s how to insert a quick workout in between your daily routine (without looking unprofessional).

1. Take the stairs
Instead of taking the lift, get the day started by climbing the stairs to your floor. The extra minutes will help clear your head before the emails start coming in.

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2. Park further away
If you drive, get extra steps in your day by taking the lot further away from the building or lift lobby, no matter how shiok it might feel to score the lot that’s right next to the entrance.

3. Fidget in your seat

You heard us right. Wiggling your toes, tapping your feet, moving your shoulders to the beat of the music all help burn a few calories while you’re at your desk. Just try not to be too distracting about it for your neighbour. 

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4. Twist in your chair
Get a toned midriff by placing your feet just above the floor, with your fingertips on the edge of your desk, and twist slowly from left to right with your core.

5. All about the right angles
Can’t leave your desk? Lift each leg at 90 degrees from time to time to get those muscles going. Get help with an elliptical or bike to cycle under your desk, without receiving strange looks.

6. Walk fast

Try brisk walking without running to get your heart beating faster. Added bonus? It’ll make it seem like you always have somewhere important to be.

7. Go talk to people
Instead of communicating via the office’s internal messaging system or email, consider walking over to your colleague in the next department instead. It’s always a good idea to put a face to the name, and, if you need email confirmation on anything, sending one after the meeting isn’t too late either.

8. Reach out

Interlace your fingers and lift your arms with your palms facing the ceiling, and stretch as far out as you can.

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