Hu Tiger Prosperity Dash 2022 – Earn Pineapples and Unlock Instant Rewards with meREWARDS App

17 January 2022

Lunar New Year is almost upon us! This festive season, join Hu Tiger as he goes on a journey to collect pineapples for his grandma so that she can bake him his favourite tarts! Hu Tiger cannot do it all alone and needs your help so he can gather the pineapples in time for Lunar New Year. To thank you for your help, he has prepared a catalogue of fantastic rewards and prizes worth over $120,000 you can redeem with using the pineapples you have collected from now till 15 February 2022. Look out for supersized rewards that drop weekly, including massage chairs, smart phones and watches, electronics and home appliances, hotel staycation, collectibles and many more!

Want to start unlocking these rewards? Here are 4 ways you can accelerate your pineapple earnings.

1. Play Hu Tiger mini games!

Soar & Roar

Bakery Spree

Happy Jungle

Pick from three simple and fun Hu Tiger mini games, Soar & Roar, Bakery Spree and Happy Jungle and earn 1 - 5 pineapples per gameplay! Getting good at the games? Follow meREWARDS' social pages to take part in hourly special events where you get to pit your skills against other people to win even more pineapples! Time to show Hu Tiger what you've got! Check out meREWARDS' Facebook page here and Instagram page here.

2. Shop and earn 2x pineapples!

Simply shop at participating merchants like OSIM, Giant or HUAWEI, upload your receipt in the meREWARDS app and you will receive 2x pineapples on amount spent (e.g. $20 spent = 40 pineapples)! The more you spend, the faster you clock your pineapple earnings to unlock more rewards!

3. Join a team in the Hu Tiger Celeb Challenge

Image credit: @yahuiyh

Image credit: @romeotan

Support your favourite celeb or personality in this team challenge and stand a chance to win DOUBLE your pineapple earnings! Pick your team, and pineapples you earned from playing of mini games and keying in of special passcodes will get added to the total team tally. At the end of the week, the team with the highest contributions wins and each team player will be rewarded with extra pineapples. At the end of the 3-week challenge, team players in the winning team of the grand challenge will see their pineapple contributions DOUBLED! Think of all the rewards you could exchange with!

4. Look out for passcodes or QR codes on Mediacorp platforms!

Special passcodes will be revealed via our radio stations, TV programmes and push notifications on the meREWARDS app! Listen to your favourite radio stations – YES 933, LOVE 972, Class 95, CAPITAL 958, 987, Gold 905 or look out for passcode reveals during selected programmes on your favourite TV channels - Channel 5, Channel 8 and Channel U. Scan or enter these passcodes into the app to earn yourself extra pineapples! You may refer to the list of TV programmes here.

Go on, join Hu Tiger in his quest for more pineapples and be rewarded with a bountiful harvest this festive season! For more information on the Hu Tiger Prosperity Dash, you may check out our website here.