Ezbuy Electronics & Mobile Accessories Crazy Sale - As Low As Just $1!

3 March 2022

Does changing your handphone case make you feel excited? If your answer to the question is a resounding yes, then we believe you'll be really excited to hear that ezbuy is running a Electronics & Mobile Accessories Crazy Sale in March, with mobile phone accessories going for as low as $1!

From phone cases to screen protectors, phone holders and power cables at heavily marked down prices, you will be spoilt for choice with the wide range of crazy deals available. Additionally, you get to enjoy free shipping with no minimum spend!

When it comes to crazy sales, this will take some beating indeed. Check out the list of 10 top-selling items from the Electronics & Mobile Accessories Crazy Sale below, or click here to check out more crazy deals on ezbuy.

1. 9D Full Coverage Glass Screen Protector for iPhone ($1)

We all know how important these sheets of tempered glass are. A split second of carelessness can result in holes in our pockets. Many holes. Large and painful holes. With prices this low, there is no excuse to not make sure your iPhone's display is well protected. Available for iPhone 7 Plus users and above. 

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2. iPhone Full Lens Protection Phone Case ($1)

Minimalistic and colourful, these handphone cases give your handphone maximum protection with precise cutouts for the camera lenses. Seeing that most recent iPhones have camera lenses that protrude, having a case that protects the glass parts surrounding the camera lens would be really helpful.

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3. Samsung Galaxy Shock-Proof Back Cover ($2)

Something for the Samsung users here. This practical case comes with an attached ring that doubles up as a finger ring so that you can hold your phone securely, and also as a phone stand for when you want to place your phone upright in a horizontal position. In addition, there is a magnetic piece at the centre which you can make use of to attach to in-car phone holders. Talk about functionality! Available for most Samsung phone models.

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4. Crossbody Lanyard Silicon Phone Cases ($2.90)

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Need both your hands to be free and your handphone to be readily accessible? This really cool lanyard and phone case allows you to sling your phone by your side, just like a sling bag. It even comes with a card case and lens cover! Comes in six different colours and available for iPhone 7 Plus and above.

Buy here.

5. Wireless Magnetic Charging Powerbank ($12.90)

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If you own a MagSafe compatible iPhone, simply slap on this wireless magnetic powerbank to charge your phone. It even functions as a wireless charging pad for your AirPods! Just be gentle with the slapping.

Buy here.

6. 2M Fast Charging LED Light Cables ($3.99)

No more fumbling about in the dark trying to locate your phone with this LED fast charging cable! The cable dazzles with its blue LED lights while it supplies your phone with precious battery juice. Available in Lightning, Type-C and Micro USB.  Light up your life with this delightful cable with lights.

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7. 6-In-1 Wireless Charger Dock Station ($22.90)

This charging dock station is all you need with dedicated charging docks for your phone(Lightning, USB-C and Micro USB), Airpods, Apple Watch and a wireless charging pad for devices with wireless charging capability. No more messy wires on your table top and at the grand total of $22.90, it is definitely one of the most affordable all-in-one charging dock stations we have seen.

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8. Built-In 4 Cables Fast Charging Powerbank ($7.99)

If you have not realised by now, there is an increasing number of powerbanks in the market with in-built cables, this being one of them. Your friends will thank you for carrying around a power bank that charges all the different brands of phones out there. At 10,000 mAh, that is probably a few grateful friends you will have.

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9. Mini Capsule Powerbank ($5.99)

A power bank the size of a lip stick? Take my money, take them right now. Weighing a mere 58g, this 3300mAh power bank has to be one of the lightest and most portable ones around. There is also no need need for separate charging cables as the power bank attaches itself directly to the phone via the Lightning, USB-C or Micro USB connector.

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10. Retractable 360° Rotating Phone/Tablet Floor Stand ($13.50)

We can already see so many uses for this phone and tablet stand. Frequently on Zoom calls? You can now attend the calls from anywhere in your own house, even while you are *ahem* in the toilet. Not that we are advocating that. Please do not ever take Zoom calls while you are in the toilet. If you need to keep yourself entertained while exercising on the treadmill, this stand allows you to do just that. The possibilities are endless, and at only $13.50, we have to say it is a pretty good investment. Supports up to an 11-inch wide tablet.

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Browse plenty more electronics and mobile accessories starting from just $1 on ezbuy's Electronics & Mobile Accessories Crazy Sale. Remember, this offers are only valid for a limited time and are while stocks last!

All images from ezbuy.