Father's Day Gift Ideas 2022 - 10 Unique Ideas for 10 Different Kinds of Dads

3 June 2022

Some of our moms have barely removed the wrapping on their Mother's Day presents and it is now time to think about dad. Father's Day falls on 19 June this year and time is running out to find something for dad. That being said, fret not as the kind people at meREWARDS(aka us) have carefully curated this list of 10 Unique Gift Ideas for 10 Different Dads to make your life easier. That is what we do, tips and tricks to make your life easier. 

Also, we never thought we needed some of the products in this list until we saw them too. Check them out.

1. For the Beer-loving Dad

Image credits: Host

Forget ice cubes in beer. Anyone living in Singapore will know a few ice cubes are no match for the tropical climate here - they disappear faster than our money when we go to JB. Get these freezable beer mugs from Host to keep dad's favourite pints chilled longer. The secret lies in the proprietary gel between the insulated plastic walls of the mug - chill them in the freezer for two hours and they stay chilled for hours even on hot summer days. Say goodbye to watered down drinks! Also say goodbye to warm beer!

Price: $33.09 for 2
Get it on Amazon here.

2. For the Dad Who Is Always on His Computer

Image credits: Logitech

We get it, dads are workaholics. If you find your dad constantly glued to his computer desk typing and clicking away, consider getting him the Logitech Master MX 3S workhorse mouse that will only help to increase his productivity and efficiency - leaving more time for other stuff.

This mouse is no ordinary mouse, with the highlight being its MagSpeed Electromagnetic scroll wheel allowing the user to scroll 1,000 lines in a second. That means he can scroll from the top of your composition homework to the bottom in a mere second (well unless you wrote a thesis, then that is different).

Other highlights include its 8K DPI tracking on any surface, simultaneous connectivity to different workstations, 70 days usage on a full charge and many more.

Price: $169
Buy it from Logitech here.

3. For the Dad Who Likes to Take Your Chou Chou Away

Image credits: Wheniwasfour

If you have been through the agony of having your chou chou (endearing term for a smelly pillow which most people cannot sleep without) taken away from you too often, we feel you. We know our dads have our well-being at heart but this has to stop.

Get dad to stop by gifting him his very own chou chou, with the words "Super Dad" emblazoned across no less. Who knows he might learn to understand why he should leave other people's chou chou alone - by getting attached to his new chou chou.

Price: $26.90
Get 10% off when you buy it from Wheniwasfour through the meREWARDS link here

4. For the Dad Who Cannot Fall Asleep on Warm Nights

Image credits: IUIGA

Unless you have been away from Singapore for the past few weeks, you would have experienced the torrid humidity and heat which all of Singapore was so regularly subjected to. Daytime temperatures hitting 35 degrees Celcius was a common occurrence, and showering 12 times a day no longer seemed like a strange thing to do.

If your dad struggles to fall asleep at night when the heat wave hits, wait no more and get him this Ultra Cooling Blanket from IUIGA. This dual function blanket is made of cool fibers on one side to keep temperatures low, and cotton jersey on the other for when the nights get cold. Talk about a perfect blanket!

Bonus tip: Pair the blanket with the Premium Bed Linen Set from Heavenluxe featuring 100% Austrian Tencel™ from Europe. Tencel™ is a material that is softer than silk and more absorbent than cotton. Its superior absorbency helps to wick moisture away from your skin faster, giving the fabric an "airy" feel. Read about our review of Tencel, The Unsung Hero We Never Thought We Needed for Better Sleep.

Price: $99.90 for Queen size, $109.90 for King size
Get the Ultra Cooling Blanket from IUIGA here.

5. For the Dad Who Needs to Lose Some Weight

Image Credits: JML Singapore

Oh the dreaded dad bod. Help dad get rid of his dad bod with frequent exercising and what better way to do it than start from something as simple as hula hoop spinning at home? 

This Hula Waist Trainer from JML Singapore features a gravity sphere that does not fall off as compared to conventional hula hoops. There are also soft rubber massage heads (including magnetic therapy disks) which deeply massages the body as the user spins the hoop. Massage and exercise both at once? Take my money!

Read more about the Hula Waist Trainer here.

Price: $99
Get 5% cashback on your purchase from JML Singapore when you click in via meREWARDS here.

6. For the Sentimental Dad

Image Credits: Photobook SG

Father's Day is a good time to sit down with dad for a heart-to-heart talk. Reminisce about old days or talk about future plans, this bonding session between father and child will surely be the best present for your dad.

Get a photo book to make things interesting. Immortalise those happy moments you spent with dad in this little photo book, and watch as his face sparkles with joy when he sees the photos.

Price: From $22.04
Get up to 12% cashback on your purchases from Photobook SG when you click in via meREWARDS here.

7. For the Germaphobe Dad

Image credits: Luumyn

The pandemic has made everyone more conscious of their personal hygiene. If you find your dad constantly wiping down his belongings after a day out, consider getting him the Luumyn Portable UV Sterilizer Bag. This sterilizer bag allows him to disinfect his items anytime and anywhere simply by placing them inside the bag.

It eliminates up to 99% harmful bacteria and virus using UV-C light, and comes with a one-year warranty.

If only eliminating our troubles was as easy..

Price: $140 for non-chargeable version, $160 for chargeable version
Get it from Luumyn here.

8. For the Dad Who Likes to Smell Good

A bespoke fragrance that does not burn a hole in your pockets? 

Scentopia is Sentosa's latest attraction with guided tours and perfume-making workshops. Mix and match his very own scent by choosing from 6,000 over aroma oils. At the end of this very tough selection process (trust us we have tried it), you get a 50ml or 100ml bottle of perfume that screams D-A-D. 

Now you won't have to worry about your colleagues smelling like your dad.

Check out our story Scentopia - Sentosa's Newest Attraction Where You Can Make Your Own Perfumes! for more information.

Price: $95 for 50ml, $125 for 100ml
Reserve your perfume-making slot here.

9. For the Master Chef Dad

Image Credits: Misty Daydream

This is for all the dads who are constantly busy in the kitchen. Remind everyone around him that he is the best chef in your life by having the words "Best Chef in My Life" emblazoned across the apron.

Oh and there are 11 different designs to choose from.

Price: $29.90
Customise dad's apron on Shopee here.

10. For the Dad Who Always Complains About The Small Text on His Smartphone

Image credits: dizaul

Phone screen sizes may be getting bigger, but dad's eyesight are also not as good as they once was. If your dad is still complaining about not being able to see text clearing even after increasing the font size, consider getting him this Screen Magnifier for Smartphone from Amazon.

If your dad is like mine and loves to watch shows on the meWATCH app, this screen magnifier will be the perfect present for him. No need to fumble with apps and cables just to cast to a projector, he can now have his own private theatre anywhere and everywhere.

Watch him shout "qian bei qian bei" wholeheartedly as he watches his favourite The Sheng Siong Show on the meWATCH app.

Price: $52.07
Buy it on Amazon here.

This is it, 10 unique and interesting gift ideas for the most important man in our life. Here is wishing everyone a memorable Father's Day on 19 June!

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