Unbeatable PRISM+ Deal: Flow Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer For Only $269

22 June 2022

We have all heard of PRISM+.

Established in 2017, the company took Singapore and beyond by storm with its range of affordable yet high-quality range of OLED smart TVs and gaming monitors. Its release of the inexpensive X315 and X340 gaming monitors featuring a high refresh rate and curved screens propelled the brand to the back of many consumers' minds.

Fast forward to 2022, PRISM+ is back to wow consumers with its first foray into the speakers market. The company released their Flow and Symphony soundbars in March this year, each targeted at different audience segments.

Get the rundown of the soundbars below.

1. Symphony

For consumers looking to complete their TV setup with the addition of a sound system, the 5.1.2-channel Symphony soundbar, measuring at only 1,200 x 108 x 70mm, will deliver an immersive audial experience with its Dolby Atmos audio, or in Dolby's own words “the most significant development in cinema audio since surround sound".

Imagine yourself sitting in the middle of a dome, and this dome consists of up to 400 speakers. The technology behind Dolby Atmos can create up to 118 simultaneous sound objects, each movable across the speakers surrounding the dome. What you get is an immersive audial experience rich in details, depth and clarity, giving you the impression that you are also physically in the scene of the movie you are watching. 

While it is hard to have up to 400 speakers at home, what the 11-speakers Symphony soundbar can do is to fire sounds upwards towards your ceiling for it to be reflected down to your ears, creating a pseudo-overhead effect. Sounds cool indeed. This also means that it is important not to have anything blocking the top of the soundbar.

The Symphony soundbar and its subwoofer.

2. Flow

The Flow, measuring 890 x 82 x 58mm, is targeted at consumers looking for speakers to complete their desktop or bedroom setup. Unlike the Symphony, the 2.1-channel Flow supports Dolby Audio, a digital audio coding technique that reduces the amount of data required to produce high quality sound. 

The Flow is suitable for consumers on a budget. It is priced at only $269, making it one of the more affordable speakers and subwoofer set around.

The Flow soundbar and its subwoofer.

Both the Symphony and Flow come with their own 8" wireless subwoofers (no wires, no tangles!) and support Bluetooth 5.0, USB input, S/PDIF optical input and come with 5 calibrated audio profiles, each optimised to the content you are watching. They are priced at $269 for Flow and $699 for Symphony. You can order them though PRISM+'s online store here.

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Good things come to those who read to the end of articles indeed. 

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