Crazy Rich Thai Cafe Review - Tiffany Green & 2D Monochrome Cafe Specialising in Thai & Fusion Flavours

30 August 2023

Frequent shoppers at Paragon would have noticed an eye-catching addition to the food scene there - a cafe half decked out in tiffany green, and the other half in 2D monochrome and black. 

This trendy new dining spot is located at level 1 of Paragon, having taken over the space previously occupied by Greyhound Cafe.

Named Crazy Rich Thai Cafe, you may be inclined to think that Crazy Rich Thai Cafe's name is inspired by the 2018 Hollywood film Crazy Rich Asians. The name alludes to the 'crazy rich' flavours often associated with Thai cuisine.

Perhaps it was the distinctive and unique colours at Crazy Rich Thai Cafe, but upon stepping through the cafe's entrance, we felt like we were immediately transported to a realm of refined elegance and understated luxury.

The various themes at Crazy Rich Thai

Private dining area at the monochrome-themed section

In addition to the unique interior, you can expect a wide range of food options ranging from all-day breakfast to mains, salads, and sides.

If you're a fan of Thai desserts, you'll be pleased to know that they serve crowd-favourites such as French Toast Thai Twist ($9), Thai Creme Brulee ($8.50), and Mango Sticky Crispy Rice ($10).

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1. Burgers & Sandwiches

We ordered their WEALTHY Crying Tiger Burger ($22) and the Tom & Yummy Sandwich ($16) for a taste test.

The WEALTHY Crying Tiger Burger ($22)

Expect plenty of crunch and punch with this burger. The thick cuts of fresh onion and cucumber slices combine to give you a juice explosion. Coupled with the juicy and succulent ribeye steak, we found ourselves reaching for the napkin in between bites. 

The ribeye steak was also expertly seared to perfection, delivering a rich, beefy flavour that lingers long after each bite.

As for the latest addition to the menu - the Tom & Yummy Sandwich ($16) - cleverly named as such because of the special tom yum flavoured egg mayo sauce, was a pleasant surprise.

The Tom & Yummy Sandwich ($16)

The gentle but invigorating heat from the tom yum sauce was expertly tempered by the creamy silkiness of the egg mayo. The bread was also expertly toasted, giving a satisfying crunch with each bite.

2. Sides

What is a trip to a Thai restaurant without trying famous street eats like grilled squid or fried calamari?

The Grilled Squid ($18) is everything you want in a grilled squid - perfectly cooked seafood meets the enticing smokiness of the grill, brushed with their signature Thai BBQ dressing. 

Grilled Squid ($18)

The harmonious symphony of sweet, tangy, and mildly spicy notes combines to transform this dish into a culinary journey through the streets of Thailand. We can almost hear the honking tuk-tuks and chattering vendors as we sink our teeth into the grilled squid.

We also tried the Thai street-favourite Son-in-Law Eggs ($13). The name of the dish stems from a playful tale where a mother-in-law prepares deep-fried hard-boiled eggs to remind her son-in-law of treating his wife well, failing which she may be frying other similarly shaped things or body parts the next time.

Son-in-Law Eggs ($13)

Tender and slightly jammy egg yolk inside

Hard-boiled eggs are deep fried and served in a sweet, spicy, and savoury assam sauce topped with fried shallots. The crispy egg white, jammy egg yolk, and the savoury sauce complemented well and had us going for bite after bite.

3. Salad

Take your pick from a selection of uniquely Thai salads here. Want something adventurous? Go for the FORBES TOP Prawn Carpaccio ($18) made up of raw prawns served with spicy Thai seafood sauce. 

FORBES TOP Prawn Carpaccio ($18)

Carpaccio is a dish of raw meat, usually as an appetiser, served thinly pounded or sliced. Thin cuts of garlic, red chilli, and mint leaf is neatly placed atop the fresh prawns and served over a bed of red cabbage. The special Thai spicy seafood sauce gives this dish a strong umami flavour with a spicy kick.

Our personal favourite is Khao Yum ($16), a traditional Thai dish made up of butterfly pea rice with mango, long bean, lemongrass, cabbage, carrots, lime slices, chilli flakes, and served with Thai budu sauce - a strong and distinctive sauce made with fish and anchovies.

The best way to tackle this dish is to imagine this is a plate of lohei and mix all the ingredients evenly before drizzling the Thai budu sauce over. 

The result is an exhilarating eruption of flavours on your palate - imagine the initial burst of zesty sweetness from the mango, carrots, and onions, followed by the nutty and earthy undertones from the cashew nuts, only to be surprised by a hint of spicy warmth from the chilli flakes, creating a truly explosive and unforgettable taste sensation. 

All these while savouring the chewy texture of the butterfly pea rice. This dish is a real winner in our books.

4. Mains

While mains and noodles are not part of the merewards 1-for-1 offers, you still get good value for your dollar on the mains at Crazy Rich Thai. There is a wide range of Thai rice and noodle dishes, as well as pasta for all those who cannot live without their carbs.

We especially liked their Signature Beef Noodle Soup ($16), which has slices of tender beef, braised to perfection, lay gracefully atop a bed of springy noodles that eagerly absorb the flavours of the rich broth.

Throw in a squeezed lime, red chilli flakes, and fish sauce, and you have a good bowl of beef noodle soup offering both nourishment and comfort.

Signature Beef Noodle Soup ($16)

Want something spicy and creamy? Go for the Filthy-Rich Lobster Linguine ($36), which consists of an entire lobster tail, where the plumpest meat could be found, served atop linguine pasta in a sinfully rich and creamy base.

The centrepiece is the lobster tail, its sweet and tender meat delicately intertwining with the rich sauce. Our only gripe was that at $36, they could have used a larger lobster.

Filthy-Rich Lobster Linguine ($36)

5. Beverages

All serious cafes take their beverage selection seriously, and it is no different at Crazy Rich Thai. Choose from over 50 different beverages on a menu featuring the likes of milk teas, smoothies, creative drinks with names like Apothecary Iced Coffee Latte ($9.50) and Daily Dose Iced Lemon Thai Tea ($9.50), hot beverages, as well as alcoholic beverages.

For a prescription of 'tastebud happiness', get the Daily Dose Iced Lemon Thai Tea ($9.50)

Give yourself a caffeine boost with the smooth and creamy Eggnog Coffee ($8)

Prime Location

The cafe's location itself is a testament to its opulence, tucked away on a corner of Paragon shopping mall and surrounded by high-end boutiques.

Need a break after your shopping spree, or simply looking for an atas spot for an important meeting? Crazy Rich Thai Cafe would be the ideal spot.

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Crazy Rich Thai Cafe

Address: 290 Orchard Rd, #01-25/25A Paragon, Singapore 238859
Opening Hours: Daily 10am - 10pm
Nearest MRT Station: Somerset Station
Phone: 6235 4078

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This article is brought to you in collaboration with Crazy Rich Thai Cafe.