7 Things to Note For the Perfect and Most Romantic Honeymoon

8 January 2020

Make it a trip to remember with these nifty tips.

Get a flight upgrade

It’s not every day that you go off on your honeymoon, so splurging a little is entirely forgiveable. Feeling broke? Make it easier on your pocket by checking to see if you can use some of the points accumulated on your credit card to exchange for miles.

Skip the backpacker’s hostel

Spoil yourselves and bask in the glow of newly-wedded bliss with Egyptian cotton sheets, fluffy towels, terry robes, downy comforters and more!

Don’t pack your schedule

Instead of packing a million and one things in your itinerary, just use this time to simply enjoy each other. The hectic schedule can wait when you’re travelling with your friends or family. Plus, if you’re going off immediately after the wedding, chances are, you might be feeling tired from the excitement and activities too.

Do your research

Make the most out of your trip by planning in advance. This includes knowing where your hotel or Airbnb is located at, how local transport works, how long it’ll take you to get from place A to B, and so on.

Plan something special

Surprise your new spouse with little things like fresh flowers, chocolate, romantic music, bath fragrances, bubble baths, champagne and so on, for added romance. Looking to spice things up? Don’t forget that lacy lingerie too!

Quality over quantity

Not all honeymoons have to last for a month! If you can’t get away for now, or are broke (weddings can cost, you know!), plan for a shorter trip, a minimoon if you will, and plan for some memorable experiences that’ll stay with you for life.

Bring home a souvenir

Even if you’re not one for keepsakes from each country you visit, you’ll want something to commemorate your honeymoon by. It doesn’t even have to be kitschy items just so you get to spend your last foreign currency. These can come in the form of handwritten letters, cards, plenty of photos, and more.