5 best burger joints you must try in Singapore

31 January 2020

Sink your teeth into a juicy meat patty, layered with toppings and condiments packed in between fluffy buns. Making a mess is unavoidable, but it’s the only right way to chomp down a burger. Finding the best burger joint is no easy feat, so here’s our guide to the best and must try burgers in Singapore, that’ll be sure to suit any preference and budget.

Disclaimer: Please leave the calorie calculator at home, you won’t need one.

GRUB Burger + Noodle Bar
Priding itself in dishing out only quality meals, GRUB sources their ingredients locally as much as possible. Their homemade buns are baked using French butter, so you can be assured quality in every bite. Our recommendation is the Mentaiko Mille-feulle Katsu Burger that comprises of crispy pork katsu which is accompanied by layers of shabu pork, mentaiko cheese and sprinkled with seaweed. A bite of this burger may easily transport you to the Land of the Rising Sun.

If you have more room in your tummy, also try their signature noodles such as the Mala-Don for spicy lovers or Signature Beef Noodles, if you'd like a hearty bowl of comfort food.

Employees Only
Hailing from New York City, Employees Only came to Singapore in 2016 and they are situated in the heart of Amoy Street, in Chinatown. With an obscure entrance that only has a neon “Psychic” sign, we won’t blame you if you walk right pass this speakeasy bar and diner.

Although they’re known for their signature cocktails such as Amelia and EO Gimlet, we can’t rave enough about their EO “Ramly” Burger, which is inspired from our local Pasar Malam favourites. A bite of this burger will definitely ignite a taste of familiarity and excitement. Instead of using regular meat patty, Employees Only uses wagyu beef patty and their homemade smoked aioli, which enhances the flavor that'll leave you wanting more.

Tocha Bistro
Located within Hotel Boss, Tocha Bistro boasts a wide range of affordable Western cuisine. Must try is the Double Rock Burger, stacked with double beef patty (about an inch thick!) that is grilled to a perfect pinkish centre, slabbed between two slices of cheddar cheese, mixed lettuce, tomatoes and well-toasted buns. Tocha Bistro is also known for their great happy hour deals. So, crack a beer with that burger and you’ll be settled for the day. Read our full review here.

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13 Miles
A humble café tucked right beside Sembawang Shopping Centre, 13 Miles dishes out an array of Western cuisine from pastas to burgers and juicy steaks. Order the no-frills Grilled Chicken Burger, juicy chicken fillet packed between soft sesame brioche buns and served with golden criss cut fries, will have you wiping your plate spotless.

With a cosy atmosphere and affordable prices, it’s no wonder many choose 13 Miles to be their regular burger joint. If burgers aren’t your thing, they also have an extensive Asian cuisine options that’ll leave you spoilt for choice. They operate till 1am, making 13 Miles a great supper spot to satisfy your late night hunger pangs.

This restaurant is Halal certified.

Common Chefs
A stone’s throw away from 13 Miles, Common Chefs exudes a laid-back vibe and is the perfect place for casual dining with your friends and family. Nestled in between rows of shophouses, Common Chefs’ must try dish would be the Rich Man Burger. The patty is made from diced Chorizo, blanketed over with velvety scrambled eggs and truffle mayo. Cheese lovers rejoice! This dish comes with a side of melted cheese sauce, so pour it all over to your heart’s content. Elusive but worth the effort, please note that this dish is only available during the weekend.

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