5 LEIFHEIT Cleaning Products for a Smarter Home - from Ironing Boards, Steam Mops and Drying Racks

17 March 2021

After a long day at work, we often seek respite at our humble abodes - this means it’s only right if we try our best to keep it clean. Who said chores gotta be exhausting and boring? With innovative cleaning products from LEIFHEIT, they strive to make our everyday lives more convenient and easier. Here are our 5 top cleaning products you should get for a smarter and cleaner home with the least amount of effort.  

1. LEIFHEIT Profi System High Quality Press Mop W/ Bucket Set

Say goodbye to squeezing the mop dry with LEIFHEIT  Profi System High-Quality Press Mop W/ Bucket Set. With this, you don’t have to break a sweat each time you do chores. With an impressive 8-litre capacity bucket, you can operate it easily be stepping on the press attachment.

Price: $359.80 (U.P. $514)

2. LEIFHEIT Tile and Bathtub Wiper Flexi Pad W/ Telescopic Handle  

When was the last time you gave the bathroom a deep clean? Time to make your toilet sparkle with the LEIFHEIT Tile and Bathtub Wiper Flexi Pad W/ Telescopic handle – known for its flexibility and ability to reach into every nook and cranny. The telescopic handle is extendable from 75cm to 120cm which makes cleaning a breeze. It also comes with a 360° rotating join which makes cleaning more convenient, without having to bend your back.

Price: $38.50 (U.P. $55)

3. LEIFHEIT Set Clean Twist M System (33cm)

No need for bending down and dipping your hands into dirty water to squeeze your mop dry. The LEIFHEIT Set Clean Twist M System is created with a spin technology within the handle drive. With the 33cm wide floor wiper, you’ll be assured a faster cleaning process done in a snap.

Price: $138.60 (U.P. $198)

4. LEIFHEIT Tower Dryer Classic

At a towering height of 450cm, you can now dry your clothes more efficiently. Compact, productive and user-friendly, the LEIFHEITTower Dryer Classic only needs a 69 x 73cm set-up space to work its magic. Whether you’re drying clothes at the balcony, corridors or toilet, you’ll have enough space with three drying levels. It can also be folded in half if you’re not hanging much laundry. This product comes with a guarantee period of 3 years.

Price: $131.60 (U.P. $188)

5. LEIFHEIT Ironing Board Airboard Compact
Are you exhausted from exerting so much force just to iron a dress? Try the LEIFHEITIroning Board Airboard for a smooth ironing experience. It features a Thermo Reflect Technology that throws back steam and heat from the iron. It is designed with an ironing surface made from ultra-light plastic which helps to open and close easily.

Price: $166.60 ($238)

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All prices are accurate at time of publishing.