Sell Your Car with Motorist and Receive Up to $300 Cashback!

4 August 2022

The secondhand car market in Singapore is a bustling one. Some say that due to the design of the COE system, many car owners approaching the tail end of their COE period often want to sell their car to recover some of the costs back. Aspiring car owners who do not mind the reduced COE period often look to these used cars as a more affordable way to own their first car.

How then do people sell their cars?

Like do most objects of desire, you can sell your car to a dealer who would profit from reselling the vehicle to a third party, or you can sell them to a fellow consumer like yourself on platforms such as Carousell and While you might not get as much back from a dealer, the convenience and speed at which you can complete the transaction means that it is an attractive option for consumers who need their cash quick.


One common issue with selling your car to a dealer is that it is often difficult to get a quick and accurate quote for your vehicle. Car dealers often want to inspect your vehicle in detail, which can be time-consuming to do so. And unlike selling something like a watch or camera, you often do not find quotes for your vehicle just by searching on the internet.

Which brings us to 

There are a few dealers whom you can sell your car to, but not all of them can provide such a fuss-free and easy way to determine the value of your vehicle. Motorist has developed a Vehicle Price Predictor that will generate a daily estimated value of your vehicle. All these predictions are done through machine learning and data gathered by the daily bidding of their network of dealers. You will even be notified when your vehicle's current value exceeds your remaining loan balance, so that you can sell your vehicle and still have leftover cash from the proceeds!

According to Motorist, their system is able to predict the true value of your vehicle down to a 5% margin of error, 90% of the time. All you have to do is to add your vehicle to your Motorist account and let their system work its magic.

That's not all.

Looking to sell your car? Earn up to $300 cashback on top of the sale proceeds by signing up for a Motorist account through our affiliate link and submitting a new car valuation through the app. The cashback will be credited to your meREWARDS account when your vehicle successfully gets sold! 

How It Works

1. Click on our affiliate link here to download the Motorist app
2. Sign up for an account via the app
3. Enter your car details to get a free quote of your vehicle
4. When your car gets sold to Motorist, you will receive up to $300 in cashback in your meREWARDS account within 60 days

Show more > Sell > Enter car details > Get a FREE Quote

Click here to find out more.

In conclusion, what you get with selling your car to Motorist is a fuss-free process guaranteed to minimise inconveniences to you while at the same time, making sure you get fair value for your vehicle. On top of all that, you get an additional cashback of up to $300 simply by clicking in via meREWARDS.

Fair value and quick cash? We are sold. Find out more about why you should sell your car to Motorist here.

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