All the things you need to have in your in-flight carry-on bag

8 January 2020

Use this as a comprehensive checklist wherever and whenever you travel. No matter which class you’re travelling in – first, business or economy, you’ll still need these essentials to make your flight more comfortable and helps you have a peace of mind.

1. Passport and money
You can’t really go anywhere without your passport, and money’s for any last-minute emergencies, should it be required.

2. Medicines

Self-explanatory, especially if you can’t skip a dosage.

3. An empty water bottle

This will come in handy if you need loads of it. Look out for a water cooler before you board the plane, or right after you touch down at the airport.

4. Electronics and fragile items
Your phone’s probably a given. But don’t forget your laptop, e-reader, mobile charger and other electronic devices you might have. You never know whether your luggage could get lost, mishandled or anything.

5. Pen
For the immigration forms. While you can borrow from a fellow passenger or from an air crew, a pen might come in handy for the rest of your trip anyway.

6. Hand sanitiser or wet wipes

How hygienic can it get when the seat you’re in has been used a thousand and one times, for several thousands of hours, on several flights?

7. Lip balm, eye drops, a packet of tissue paper and a small tub of moisturiser

Even if you don’t have a habit of toting those around regularly, cabin air can be drying and these will make a big difference.

8. Ear phones

If you’re afraid of germs, it’s best to bring your own. You never know whether the headphones or ear plugs have been recycled by the previous passenger.

9. Socks, shawl or jacket

Even if your plane comes with a blanket, it can still get cold.

10. A change of outfits

Unless you’re super particular, you can probably skip this. But if you’ve got something to see to once you touch down, it’s best to bring a fresh change. You don’t want to be making business calls in a crumpled shirt or sweatpants.

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