Date Nights with Bae: 10 Date Night Ideas Not Involving Movies or Shopping

15 March 2022

Running out of ideas for date nights? Pandemic-related restrictions after restrictions have meant that we have had to spend quite a number of date nights confined to our homes. The good news is that all this finally look to be a thing of the past, with many social restrictions being lifted and life gradually returning back to what it was pre-COVID.

We scoured the net to find this list of 10 interesting activities you can engage in with your significant other, so no shopping in malls or watching of movies in cinemas.

Time to re-ignite that spark with bae.

1. Make your own jewellery

Image credits: Hands on Klay

Get bae that one and only custom-made piece of jewellery made by, yes yourself. Channel your creativity with the right guidance, environment and inspiration at a workshop by Hands on Klay, where making something you can walk away feeling proud of is the main aim.

Find out more here.

2. Go ice-skating at Kallang Leisure Park or JCube

Image credits: @corinne.kok

What else do couples do when they ice-skate? They hold hands of course. All the more if the both of you are not exactly the best skaters around. *hint hint* Sounds like it would be a great activity for new or soon-to-be couples.

Check out JCube The Rink here.
Check out Kallang Ice World here.

3. Go on a late-night sweet treats hunt

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Go on a hunt of the best supper spots at Jalan Besar, before finally settling down at Lola Faye, a Muslim-owned desserts cafe that is open till 2am. The cafe is also a magnet for selfies with its tropical paradise-themed interior.

Check out Lola Faye here.

4. Night time picnic

We get it, a night time picnic might not be everyone's cup of tea. Look beyond the idea of a conventional picnic however, and both you and your significant other might just like the privacy(less people doing the same), quietness and cool weather only a night time picnic can provide.

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5. Play board games at a cafe

Image credits: @hkcoupleinsg

Board games make for an excellent activity to bond and create new memories with your partner. Don't know which game to start with? The kind people at The Mind Cafe will patiently introduce and recommend you something they think will suit you. They are also open till 2am, in case the games get too addictive and you find it difficulty to put down the pieces.

Find out more about The Mind Cafe here.

6. Rent a private room for some Netflix and chill

Image credits: @cozyplacesg

*Ahem* Alright so you want to find somewhere even more private. Maybe you just want to chill with bae for a few hours somewhere where nobody will disturb you. Consider CozyPlace, a personal movie room where you can rent for a few hours to binge-watch on Netflix. Prices start from $19 for 2 pax.

Check out CozyPlace here.

7. Sail down that river which brings us life

Image credits: @_aishahsanusi_

Wind through the heart of Singapore in a river cruise and take in the sights of night time Singapore. These river cruises used to be filled with tourists from all over the world, but pandemic-induced restrictions mean that it is a good time to reacquaint ourselves with the very river that gave Singapore life.

Find out more about the Singapore River Cruise here.

8. Indoor golf simulator

Image credits: @sienna.kk

We know we can always rely on bowling or billiards for any indoor ball activities but indoor golf? It is not entirely a new concept, but indoor screen golfing picked up immense popularity with the onset of the pandemic due to the restrictions to group sizes. You don't need to be a good golfer to participate in indoor golfing, as you will be hitting the balls at a screen anyway. This makes indoor golf an excellent opportunity for people looking to pick up the sport.

Check out Friends Golf Singapore here.

9. Dine in the dark

Image credits: @noxdineinthedark

Like activities that involve dark rooms you said? Check out NOX, a unique culinary experience that temporarily puts your sense of sight away in exchange for enhancing the other four - hearing, smell, touch and most importantly, taste. A pretty rad idea for a first date, we say.

Check out NOX here.

10. Cosmic bowling

Image credits: @j.ewellllll

If you are unsure of what cosmic bowling entails, you are not alone. Think of it as bowling but in a discotheque. In place of clear bright lights, you get glowing neon lights and fluorescent bulbs in a dark setting that will make you feel like dancing and raving to the music.

Check out cosmic bowling at K Bowling here.

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This is an independent review and information is correct at time of writing.

Photo by Tony Mucci on Unsplash