How to Fengshui Your Home for Better Luck

16 January 2023

Grab these simple tips for attracting positive energy. Start with the basics, then consult an expert when you want to attract more specific energies. And, even if you’re not a believer in fengshui, it won’t hurt to get your living area more organised.

1. Clean up after yourself
You don’t have to throw everything you don’t need within sight immediately, or retain only things that “spark joy” within you. What you should do: clear your clutter, and organise your room to allow for better energy to flow through your room or home. A tip to clearing up – organise your things by category and not by room.

2. Include flowers when you can
Fresh or quality silk blooms brighten up any room, and have the added benefit of uplifting positive energy around the house, especially the dining room. Certain flowers like the peony, lotus, and narcissus offer specific properties such as love and romance, health, and for career progression, respectively.

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3. Inject water
Having a fountain at the entrance or inside the house helps. Only remember: the water should be facing north, as you don’t want your health and wealth flow out of the house, and into the toilet. If you aren’t logistically able to have an actual fountain at home, replace it with an image of water (preferably moving water). The same principle applies for plants.

4. Look out for your front door
Your main door, which represents wealth, should be in good condition. For more positive energy, place a plant or light source on either side.

5. Keep your bathroom clean
This is the room where water usually leaves the house. And as water represents wealth, prevent yours from slipping away by including plants, and keeping the door and toilet lid closed as often as you can.

6. Stay neutral
For restful nights and naps, it is recommended that your bedroom be kept to a neutral palette. Your bed should also have a headboard and positioned against a wall. Bedside tables at each side help add support. Add curvy lamps and scented candles for romance.

7. Let the air flow
Don’t remain cooped up at home. Open the windows and let the light and fresh air through, as you don’t want the old energy to remain stagnant or blocked. Include air-purifying plants or an air purifier if you have to, as that introduces more positive energy within.

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