3 useful and easy steps to get your eyebrows on fleek

21 April 2020

They say your eyes are the windows to your soul or beauty is in the eye of the beholder. While there are many idioms related to eyes, what’s equally important are your eyebrows. A badly drawn eyebrow could be an eyesore (pun intended). Your overall makeup would have that extra pop, with a beautifully drawn eyebrow. It isn’t that hard to get a perfectly drawn eyebrow! We’ve done the homework for you, and here are 3 useful and easy steps to get your eyebrows on fleek and have heads turning.

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1. Create a believable arch
Let’s be real, not everyone has luscious thick eyebrows like Cara Delevingne or Angelina Jolie. We understand that most of us aren’t celebrities, but we sure can look like one! Draw and pluck your eyebrows according to your face shape. For rounder faces, go for a high arched brows. Whereas, for oval-shaped face, try for the softly-angled brows instead.

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A good hack to know - apply a bit of concealer below your eyebrows instead of using a highlighter, as it’ll brighten up your eyebrow area. But, always remember to blend your products evenly to create a natural looking arch. To accentuate your eyebrows even better, choose the right eyebrow colour pencil and consider going for two different tones to give a more natural dimension.

2. Have a special brush for your eyebrows
Find the best eyebrow brush that suits you, it’s ok to buy multiple brands – think of it as a test to find a product that best suits you and that you’re comfortable with. Using the eyebrow spoolie, comb your eyebrows upwards, move from the front and end at the tail of your eyebrows. By doing this, it allows you to see the gaps in your eyebrows, which we’ll get to in the next point.

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3. Pay attention to sparse spots
If you’re a victim of eyebrow plucking in the past, we’re sad to inform you but you have to face the consequences now! But, fret not because a bad eyebrow is fixable. Take note of the sparse spots by filling the spots with some brow powder, or use an eyebrow pencil to colour in those spots.

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