11 ways to transform a boring bedroom

4 May 2020

Are you tired of how boring your room looks like? Ever dream of wanting an aesthetically pleasing room just like those boards you’ve pinned on Pinterest and pictures you’ve bookmarked on Instagram? Simple bedroom transformation can be done in just a day or two – you just gotta know where and how to start. Fret not, we’re here for you!

Below are the best 11 ways to transform your boring bedroom into a sanctuary that you’ll never want to leave.

1. Stick to a limited colour palette
Before deciding on your colour palette, do some research and find out the look and feel you are going for. Once you’ve set your mind on a style that you like, select the colours that suits your vision best. Refer to a colour wheel if you’re feeling fickle, it definitely comes in handy.

2. Add a pop of colour

Give your room a new life by adding a pop of colour! If your room colour palette is a combination of neutral brown or gray tones, try adding a teal pillow on the bed for that extra pop, which brings a tinge of fun and edge, to an otherwise, tranquil space. Besides a pillow, you may also consider a table lamp, chair or a mirror.

3. Let natural light flow through
We can’t stress this enough – natural light is important as it doesn’t only give you vitamin D as you wake up from your slumber, but also helps to visually soften the space in your room. With a transformed room, having natural light permeating through your room is an Instagram-worthy shot not to be missed.

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4. Finding the right curtain
They say your eyes are the windows to your soul – but so are your room curtains. As mentioned above, it’s important to let natural light flow through your room and thus, dark curtains are a no-go. Opt for light coloured curtains instead, and pick those that are at least twice as wide as the width of your window. Alternatively, you can ditch curtains and allow all the natural light to come through by using curtain blinds, or wooden blinds which will exude an overall chic vibe.

5. Recuperate yourself in a comfortable bed
One of the best feeling in the world, is coming home to a clean bed with the comfiest duvet. If your bed is living its final months, consider getting a new one instead – after all, you need a quality bed to recuperate yourself for a new day. Purchase some luxe bedsheet if you’re going for a similar appeal to those of hotel standards, otherwise a basic coloured bedsheet would suffice. And don’t have too many pillows! Keep it simple with just two pillows and a bolster.

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6. Get rid of clutter with storage boxes
When you can’t tell the difference between your room now, and your then sorority room, it’s about time you make a change for the better. Do a deep clean of your room and get rid of clutter such as unworn clothes, books and papers. If your jewelleries are all over the place, consider pinning them on a corkboard so it’s easier for you to pick out and keeps them tidy. Place your necessities in designated boxes to ensure they’re kept out of sight.

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7. Add a statement furniture or pendant

Adding a focal point to your room is important as it’ll pizzazz the overall feel of your room. Instead of having a bed headboard, you may opt for an art piece instead. Alternatively, you may consider a vintage bedside table that adds a timeless touch.

8. Lay down a rug
If your room has a large floor space, add a decent sized rug because it will help to pull your room together. Having a carpet in your room also adds a focal point. To keep it clean and dust free, be sure to vacuum your room twice a week. Who doesn’t want to wake up to something soft underneath their feet?

9. Bring in the fresh flowers and greenery
There’s nothing fresh flowers and greenery can’t do! While it’s impossible to constantly have them freshly placed in your room, try to have them occasionally to make your room feel like a lush haven that you never want to leave. Alternatively, you can opt for artificial flowers and place them in a simple vase. Some flowers you can consider are Baby’s Breath, Lavender and Gardenia. For plants, you may consider Peace Lily, Jade Plant or English Ivy.

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10. Be bold with wallpapers

Yes, we agree this is a tricky one! But if you’re the type that prefers something temporary, wallpapers are the way to go as they’re easily removable. While sticking to your selected colour palette, ensure your wallpaper does not have large patterns and multiple colours as that’ll be too much (and will be quite an eye sore to be honest).

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11. Freshen it up
Fragrances play a big part in freshening up your room. Whether it’s fresh flowers, air fresheners, essential oils or scented candles, these will help make your room a more liveable space to sleep in. Transform your room into your very own spa that helps you unwind after a long day.

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