7 Tips on How to Make Your HDB BTO Small Bathroom Look Bigger and Spacious

11 December 2020

Be it the common or master bedroom toilet, HDB BTO bathrooms (including condo apartments) are getting smaller by the year. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t create an illusion to make it feel bigger. Here are 7 tips and tricks to make your bathroom look more spacious, without doing any major renovation.

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1. Add One or Two Eye-Catching Piece

Focus the attention to an eye-catching piece the moment anyone steps into the bathroom. This shifts focus to the item instead of the bathroom size. Consider adding a vase with artificial plants or a beauty mirror. Try not to go overboard, just one or two items would do the trick.

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2. Allow Natural Light in As Much As Possible
Natural light instantly makes any space look bigger. Good lighting in a toilet is important as it makes putting on makeup or shaving an easier feat. If your HDB flat only has a small square window, avoid blocking it with hanging planters or laundry.

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3. Go Big with Mirrors
A big mirror in your bathroom creates an illusion of a bigger space. This logic applies to any part of your home. This trick allows more natural light to be reflected, opening up the space to make it look airier and well-ventilated. A tip when buying a mirror for your bathroom is to get a frameless mirror for a sleek look or a wall-to-wall custom-sized mirror, if budget permits.

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4. Remove Clutter and Start Organising
The next step if you’re trying to resolve the above point is to remove all clutter. Figure out the theme for your bathroom, decide which you should keep and throw. If you have your skincare products lying around the sink, it’s time to get storage boxes to neatly organise them.

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5. All White Colour

A white-coloured bathroom is a classic design that doesn’t go out of style. Painting your bathroom white also allows light to be reflected, rather than absorbing it. However, this doesn’t mean your bathroom accessories have to be white too! Consider adding a focal point, like a potted plant by the sink or a small hanging art for a pop of colour.

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6. Clear Glass Frameless Shower
The biggest space in your bathroom is the shower space. While it’s not possible to expand the floor area, you can create an illusion of a bigger space by replacing your shower door with a clear glass one. Consult with a contractor as installation can be quite tricky.

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7. Go Easy on the Decorations
Less is always more, so go easy on the decorations. Avoid filling up every corner of your toilet with knick-knacks, or hanging multiple art pieces on every side of the wall. This might end up making your toilet too cluttered. Only include functional items like a vanity area, oral care products and shaving kit.

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