Simple and Must-Know Tips on How to Save Your Utility Bills at Home

25 March 2021

As some of us continue to work from home, it’s no surprise that utility bills have skyrocketed for the past year. Handling the kids’ meal, attending conference calls and doing chores, can be a challenging feat. But this doesn’t mean we can’t take precautionary measures to avoid bill shock - here are 8 must-know and simple tips to save on utility bills as you continue working from home.

1. Pay Bills with Credit Cards with High Cash Rebates
If you’re still paying your bills with cash or bank transfer, you’re doing it wrong! Time to switch to a credit card that provides cash rebates when you pay your bills. Some credit cards provide a higher cashback when you make recurring bill payments. Here’s a list of the best cashback credit cards you can consider.

2. Use LED Lights Instead of Incandescent Light Bulbs

While incandescent light bulbs provide a warm and comforting feel to your home, LED lights are more energy-efficient and can last 25 times longer. The average utility bill ranges from $140 to $180. If your bills are much higher, it’s time to re-evaluate your saving measures.

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3. Hang Clothes Out to Dry
Singapore is located in the equator, and our weather is perpetually blistering hot. Take full advantage of it by hanging your clothes out to dry, instead of using the dryer. Although it might take slightly longer, you’ll save a lot. Thank us later when you see the difference in your next bill cycle.

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4. Turn Off Appliances When Unused
This is a no brainer tip! Off your electrical appliances when not in use. It is better to unplug the appliances instead of just turning them off. Alternatively, put your devices on ‘sleep’ or ‘hibernation' mode. It is also important to remove the plug once a gadget is fully charged – this prevents deterioration and cuts off all electricity.

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5. Opt for the Energy-efficient Air Conditioner

If you can’t work without the AC, use an energy-efficient one instead. It’s time to beat the heat by opting for an AC with a good Energy Efficient Rating (EER). Purchase from reputable brands such as Mitsubishi, Panasonic or Daikin, where the majority of their AC has five ticks which can help you save up to 33% of your electricity bills.

6. Set Aircon Temperature to 25 Degrees
Instead of putting the temperature to 16 degrees because you want to instantly feel like you’re in Antarctica, turn the temperature to 25 degrees and turn on the fan for three minutes. This helps to equally spread the cold air emitted from the air con.

7. Service Your Air Conditioners
Like a car, your AC needs its servicing too. It’s advisable to get them done once every three months. This ensures that your AC unit is running at optimal capacity and not using more electricity than it needs.

8. Install an Energy-efficient Water Heater
Saving water isn’t only great for the environment, but you’re also doing your part to reduce your utility bills.

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