Improve Your Work From Home With These Productivity Apps

13 August 2020

Stay on top of your game and master the art of working from home. To avoid procrastination and lack of motivation, try using these apps to give you that extra push to get that work done efficiently and improve on your skills. You’ll learn to be more productive and stress-free even when work resumes in the office.

1. Trello

Source: Trello

A work management app that has seen more than 25 million downloads, Trello is user friendly and highly visual for its users to stay organised and work productively. Bought by an Atlassian in 2017, this app is useful for projects handled by different team members. At a glance, you’ll know which tasks are currently being worked on and which team members are responsible for it. The app can also be used for personal itineraries or even planning a wedding.

Find out more about Trello here.

2. Productive Habit Tracker

Source: Productive Habit Tracker

Build a positive routine by using the Productive Habit Tracker app. Use this app to set personal goals, track progress and also motivate yourself to achieve your goals. Take control of your life and create a healthy lifestyle. It’s also highly customisable where you can choose the icon of your task and you’re able to change the order of your habits. Best of all, if you miss or skip a goal, it encourages you to keep going instead of pressuring you to complete them. We’re all human after all, and words of encouragement to go forth is always better.

Find out more about Productive Habit Tracker here.

3. Todoist

Source: Todoist

Keep your life in check and in control with Todoist, a productive app that helps you free up your mental space. This app has helped millions of people complete more than 1.5 billion tasks, featured in the Apple App Store with 4.8 stars ratings and more than 30,000 reviews. Clear your mind and keep calm by consolidating all the lingering task in your head. Create your tasks according to priority level and due date, so you’ll never forget a deadline again. With Todoist, you’ll have more control of your life and sleep with a peace of mind.

Find out more about Todoist here.

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4. Pocket

Source: Pocket

Have you ever chanced upon an article, video or an image but totally forgot where you saw them at the end of the day? With Pocket, you can now save these content from the web for later enjoyment. It has over 30 million registered users and it is integrated into more than 1500 apps including Twitter, Flipboard and Zite. You can view these saved content both online or offline. If you’re feeling lazy, click on the headphones icon and have the article read to you instead. Find out more about Pocket here.

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5. 1Password

Source: 1Password

Have you ever spent 10 to 20 minutes trying to remember your password? Stop wasting time and store your password in one app, 1Password, in a secure way. If you have the same password for every login, you should consider changing them and have a unique password for each account instead (for security reasons). This app allows you to store all your logins, passports, licenses, bank account info and credit card details. It has end-to-end encryption and encryption keys that stay on your phone. Try it for FREE for 30 days, thereafter you can continue for only USD$3.99 monthly.

Find out more about 1Password here.

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