Must-Know Rules and Tips for Styling Second-day Hair

2 November 2020

Did you know that you’re not supposed to wash your hair every day, as it might lead to unhealthy hair and ultimately hair fall? How do we keep our head of hair looking fresh and well-maintained? Whether you’ve had an expensive hair treatment at the salon and you’re reluctant to wash it all off the next day, or you simply have no time in the morning, here are 5 essential and simple tips and tricks to tame the Lion’s Mane.  

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1. Avoid Blow-Drying Your Hair
Blow-drying your hair after a shower makes sense, and while it’s tempting to do so on second-day hair, the heat may damaging for your hair. As your hair is already dry, putting on extra heat will weaken your hair follicles and may lead to hair loss.

2. Apply Hair Serums and Oils – Argan or Aloe Vera Oils

Look and feel fresh by applying hair serums or oils. Do remember to slightly wet your hair before applying the hair serums. You may consider argan or aloe vera oils as they are rich in Vitamin E. The serum helps reduce frizz and refine your natural curls while adding shine to your hair.

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3. Change your Parting or Tie your Hair into a Bun

Instead of blow-drying your hair to make you look sane enough to go about your day, change your parting or shape it into sections instead. The oil on your scalp tends to settle on your regular parting, which tends to give you flat hair. By switching up your parting, it’ll give your tresses more volume, and refresh your hairdo. Use a hair straightener or curler, for stubborn areas. If all else fails, tie your hair into a bun. Do a high bun for a professional look, while a low bun for a more casual look.

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4. Use a Dry Shampoo
Yes, dry shampoo exists and you should start using it! It’ll be your must-have beauty item in no time once you realise its benefits. Apply dry shampoo on dry hair - it helps absorb the oil excreted by your scalp and because it adds texture to your hair, it can be also used as a styling product. However, dry shampoo isn’t meant for cleaning your hair, so don’t be lazy and wash your hair at least once every three days to prevent product build-up.

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5. Preserve your Hair at Night with Hair Masks
It’s important to keep your hair healthy and strong, by applying hair masks or oil to moisturize your scalp and strengthen your hair – advisable to do so once every two weeks. For hair oil, opt for coconut oil as it promotes hair growth by getting deep into your hair follicles. Furthermore, it also helps your hair shine, prevents hair breakage and split ends.

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