5 budget friendly ways to disinfect your home from viruses

21 May 2020

They say home is where the heart is, and it’s only right that we keep it clean by getting rid of dust and stop all breeding ground for germs. Living in Singapore, keeping your homes spick and span is easy by purchasing cleaning products conveniently from the supermarket. However, most of these products contain harsh chemicals that may be hazardous to the little ones. Lo and behold, you can get creative by making your own cleaning products at home!

Here are some budget friendly ways you can keep your home clean.

Kitchen Sink Drain

You’ll need:
• ½ cup baking soda
• 1 cup white vinegar
• Several cups of boiling water
• 1 whole lemon

Pour half baking soda and white vinegar down your drain – you should hear fizzing sound from this mixture. After 3 to 5 minutes, pour boiling water down the drain. Squeeze one whole lemon for the final step, as this help eradicate all the funky smell from the drain.

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Glass Window Cleaner

You’ll need:
• ½ cup white vinegar
• ¼ cup rubbing alcohol with 70% concentration
• 1 or 2 drops orange essential oil for smell (optional)
• 1 spray bottle

This solution comes in handy the next time you scrub down your windows or mirrors. You can pour the solution into a spray bottle for convenience. Avoid cleaning your windows on a hot day, as that would evaporate the solution almost immediately. For mirrors, spray onto a kitchen towel or cloth first before wiping.

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Removing stubborn grease from pots and pans

You’ll need:
• 1 spatula
• A few cups of water
• Baking soda

Cooking up a storm for your loved ones is always satisfying, seeing them enjoy the spread of food cooked by you. But, what’s not fun is when you’re left with a pile of stubborn greasy pots and pans! The budget friendly way to solve this is, by filling the pots and pans with hot water and let them sit overnight. The next morning, remove all the gunk with a flat spatula. If there are still stubborn gunk, add in baking soda and let it sit for a few hours and remove them, again using the flat spatula.

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Removing mildew and soap remnants from your shower

You’ll need:
• ¼ cup of liquid dish soap
• ¼ cup of white vinegar
• 1 spray bottle
• 1 cleaning sponge
• A few cups of water

Showering is supposed to make you feel clean, but it’s hard if your shower is full of mildew and soap remnants. To eradicate these nauseating and icky feeling, just follow these simple steps. Heat ¼ cup of white vinegar and then mix it with ¼ cup of liquid dish soap – pour solution in a spray bottle for convenience. Thoroughly spray your shower, in all the nooks and crannies. Let the solution set for 45 minutes. Using sponge and water, rinse the solution away and you’ll be left with a sparkling clean shower.

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Deep clean and deodorise your toilet bowl

You’ll need:
• ½ cup baking soda
• 1 cup white vinegar
• Few drops of essential oil (optional)
• 1 spray bottle
• 1 toilet brush
• 1 cleaning cloth

Most cleaning solution contains hydrochloric acid which can be harmful to your nose and throat. Develop your own cleaning solution by mixing one cup of white vinegar and few drops of essential oil. Spray on your toilet seat, base, lid and in the bowl itself. Then add ½ cup of baking soda and get scrubbing. Once done, wipe your toilet bowl with the cleaning cloth.

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