Best Meditation Apps of 2021 for Reducing Stress and Anxiety

30 July 2020

As some of us continue working from home, staying sane is no easy feat. You may be facing distractions, working longer hours or even finding it a challenge to find a work-life balance. Because of this, you’re prone to be more stressed and anxiety may ensue. Prior to the current pandemic situation, we would take our annual leaves and go for a short holiday or staycation. However, things are different now and leisure travel is temporarily out of reach. Why not try your hand at meditation?

We’ve rounded up the 6 best meditation apps that will help you ease into a mindful practice to keep a healthy mind. Just breathe in, and breathe out.

1. Calm

Source: Calm

True to its name, Calm is one of the most downloaded meditation app (over 50 million times). Users can partake in daily guided activity as this app is built with various programs that address anxiety, stress and lack of sleep. There are also auditory bedtime stories that aids with mental guided imagery which allows you to use more than one sense to transport yourself from your current surrounding.

Cost: 7-day free trial to Calm Premium at USD$69.99 per year

2. Balance

Source: Balance  

Find your yin and yang with Balance. Download and open the Balance app, where you’ll walk through a series of customised questions to suit your specific needs and preferences. Meditation isn’t one size, fits all. So find your own meditation journey. While Balance has a strong focus on personalization, you can also partake in their Foundations Plan where you’ll get to enjoy 10 lessons for free. Alternatively, explore Singles where you can cover topics such as Motivation, Anxiety and even SOS (when you need to urgently calm down). Or improve your sleep with Wind Down, a first-of-its-kind activity that helps you sleep better.

Cost: 7-day free trial at USD$11.99 per month or USD$49.99 per year

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3. Headspace

Source: Headspace

Give yourself some Headspace, a guided course and quick meditation app that has stunning illustration visuals. The team has branded Headspace as a ‘gym membership for the mind’ and believes that your mind is a muscle that should be focused on as much as biceps. It is recommended to start with their free Basics pack where it includes a 10-day beginner’s course that will guide you with the essentials of meditation for a strong foundation.

Cost: 7-day free trial at USD$12.99 per month or 2 weeks free trial at USD$69.99 per year

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4. Aura

Source: Aura

How are you feeling today? With Aura, that is the first question you’ll get as the programs are designed based on your mood. It has an extensive collection of 3-minute sessions and 30-second programs that is designed to save you during stressful times. The app also features a mood tracker to review patterns on how you are feeling. You’re also able to set reminders for you to breathe and take breaks to maintain sanity and mindfulness throughout your day.

Cost: USD$11.99 per month or USD$59.99 per year

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5. Simple Habit

Source: Simple Habit  

Committed to helping people live better every day, Simple Habit, has over 50 free sessions that range from 5 minutes to 20 minutes meditation tracks for free. The app is organised from commuting, preparing for a meeting or going to sleep. Take advantage of the On-the-Go feature that allows you to quickly calm your anxiety in order to achieve relaxation and mindfulness.

Cost: FREE, or upgrade at USD$11.99 per or USD$89.99 per year

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6. Insight Timer

Source: Insight Timer

With more than 200,000 reviews on Apple’s App Store, Insight Timer maintains a near-perfect 5-start rating which comes as no surprise. This app is a multi-faceted gateway with over 45,000 pre-recorded and free meditation sessions to guide you in your journey. You can also track your progress and earn badges for the time spent meditating.

Cost: FREE with optional in-app premium purchases to unlock certain features and programs

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Do note price plans for the apps above are accurate at the time of publishing.