Benefits of Having an Indoor UV-C Steriliser Device at Home

18 August 2020

Although there are misconceptions that ultraviolet (UV) light is harmful, do you know that UV-C light has high energy levels that are effective for sterilisation? It has a wavelength of 100 to 280 nanometer (nM), the shortest wavelength and highest energy compared to UV-A and UV-B. Thus, making UV sterilisation highly effective in destroying bacteria, viruses, fungus and moulds.

Here are some benefits of having a UV-C steriliser at home, especially during these trying times where COVID-19 is still prevalent in our community - protect your family’s health and eliminate harmful substances.

1. Environmentally friendly

UV-C light is non-toxic and environmentally friendly because it disinfects using a physical process instead of chemicals. The UV-C steriliser from Axtro Sports uses human detection sensors and are ozone free, making it safe and does not cause any side effects.

The CNLight 25W UVC Sterilizer Ozone-Free with Remote Control ($108) features 360-degree sterilisation, so you’ll be assured that every nook and cranny are bacteria-free. It has a one-touch activation that comes with a powerful 38W UV Sterilising Lamp. This device is suitable for indoor use and you can control this product from as far as 10m away.

2. Disinfect anytime and anywhere

Axtro Sports has a range of UV-C sterilisers suitable for every household. Find your preferred product in terms of portability and functionality. There are portable and compact sterilisers which you can carry wherever you go. Or if you want to disinfect a wider area, there is also a range which includes a human detection sensor function.

If you have pets at home, the CNLight 38W UVC Sterilizer Ozone-Free With Human Detection Sensor & Remote Control ($169) is the one for you! This device has a detection range of 3 meters and automatically shuts off if it detects any animals or motion. It automatically turns back on once the coast is clear.

3. Effective in destroying harmful viruses and organisms

UV-C light produces electromagnetic energy that destroys the reproduction ability of microorganisms. It helps to break down the DNA in microbes, destroying them immediately. Axtro Sports UV-C steriliser has a 99.9% acaricidal rate and a 99% sterilisation rate.

The CNLight 38W UVC Sterilizer Ozone Free with Remote Control UVC 254nm ($118), features a strong metal frame, uses a high-quality lamp manufactured by CNLight and allows you to start the disinfection process using their wireless remote.

4. Ease of use

UV-C sterilisers are different compared to traditional chemical ones, as it does not require you to spray and physically wipe surfaces with a cloth. With this, you can sterilise your home and belongings with just a tap - sterilise surfaces from as quickly as 8 seconds to 1 hour!

The CNLight Portable 3W UVC Sterilizer Ozone-Free (Aluminum Body - Matt Grey) ($88) boasts a premium aluminium alloy body, with 2500mAh battery capacity and allows rapid sterilisation under 15 minutes.

Do note that the UV-C steriliser will not disinfect areas where the light cannot reach. If an object is blocking light rays within the range of the device, that area will not be disinfected. It is important to note that prolonged exposure to UV-C light may cause skin irritation. To disinfect your skin, you would still need to thoroughly wash your hands with soap first, and use hand sanitisers or wipes after.

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