Affordable Best Buys from Decathlon You Should Check Out

15 December 2020

Planning to keep fit but the price tags on sportswear made you run away? At Decathlon, say goodbye to overpriced items, as they are committed to offering real value and affordable sports gear for everyone and anyone. With more than 10 outlets islandwide, shop for the best high-quality but low-price tag sports products.

Shop online seamlessly and enjoy exclusive benefits such as free home delivery for orders above $60, free 2-hour ‘Click and Collect’ and an easy return and exchange policy. Not sure what items to get? We’ve rounded up their top-selling products below to help kick start your fitness journey.

Grab your sports gear here and enjoy Cashback on every order. 

1. Riverside 100 matt Bike - $220

Head outdoors on the Riverside 100 matt Bike and feel the power with its hi-ten steel fork, gear shifters on the handlebar and hybrid tyres (suitable for both roads and paths). Weighing at 13.9kg, this bicycle comes in a lowered geometry steel frame which makes it easy to get on or off the bike regardless of any body size.

2. RunRide 900 Kids’ 12” Mountain Bike Balance Bike in Black or Yellow - $120

Bring along the little ones for a ride on the RunRide 900 Kids’ 12” Mountain Bike Balance Bike, comes in black or yellow. Suitable for kids aged 3 to 4.5 years old (90cm to 1.05m), this lightweight bicycle (3.8kg), comes with an adjustable saddle and tool for freewheel removal. Start their two-wheel journey, for an experience they’ll always remember.  

3. 120 Accessories Combination Cable Lock - $10

While seeking respite at a café or even parking your bicycle under your block, ensure it is fully secured with the 120 Accessories Combination Cable Lock. At just $10, this lightweight and practical coil is suitable for everyday use, weighing at only 590g and 150cm in length.

Grab your sports gear here and enjoy Cashback on every order. 

4. KALENJI Run Dry Men’s Running T-Shirt - $6

An eco-friendly product, this t-shirt is made entirely from recycled polyester thread and helps you stay dry while you focus on running. As this product is lightweight and highly breathable, it is ideal for runners who seek comfort while working out a sweat. Comes in black, red, yellow and blue colour.

5. KALENJI Women’s Running Shorts Run Dry in Black - $8

Beat the heat with the KALENJI Women’s Running Shorts Run Dry, providing optimum comfort while you run in Singapore’s sweltering heat. Comes with a back zipped pocket to store your personal belonging safely while running.

6. Pilates Toning Dumbbells Twin-Pack 5KG - $29

Tone your arms and build strength with the Pilates Toning Dumbbells Twin-Pack 5KG. Comes in five different colours, level up your HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) with these weights. From squats, lunges to bench presses, take your training up a notch to reach your goal faster and stronger.  

7. Weight Training Dumbbell Kit 10KG - $30

Designed specifically for weight training at home, these 10kg dumbbell kit focuses on biceps, triceps, deltoids and pecs. It includes 4 x 1kg weights and 2 x 2kg weights. The collar (to prevent the weight plates from moving) is easy to put on and remove, making it the ideal dumbbell for beginners.

Grab your sports gear here and enjoy Cashback on every order.

8. 100 Pilates Mini Elastic Bands 3-Pack - $6.50

Swap between three levels of resistance (Light 5kg, Medium 6kg and Hard 7kg) for a full-body working, targeting your abs, bum and back. Compact in size, you can easily carry this anywhere by keeping it in your pocket. For a more challenging workout, layer these bands for greater resistance.  

Grab your sports gear here and enjoy Cashback on every order.

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