Grab These Cheap Sporting Goods under $30 from Decathlon Singapore

7 April 2021

Whether you’re thinking of hiking through The Green Corridor, kayaking on the waters of Pulau Ubin, or simply going for a stroll at Singapore Botanic Gardens - be clad in the right sports gear from Decathlon. With low prices that don’t cut short on quality, you’ll find value-for-money products that beat market prices. Shop these must-buy items from Decathlon for just $30 or less. Are you ready for an adventure of a lifetime?

1. Large Running Smartphone Armband ($12)

No more holding onto your phones while you cycle or jog, strap it up on your arm and focus 100% on your exercise. Designed with Velcro to adjust accordingly for all arm sizes and a clear touchscreen for easy use of your smartphone.

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2. ATW100 Running Stopwatch ($9)  

Beat your record and time yourself, be it for a run or swim. This watch is fully waterproof (50m) with buttons that work underwater. The big numbers on screen make it easy for you to glance – so you’ll know when to keep your pace or power through.

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3. Adjustable Running Cap ($10)

Protect yourself against the sun and keep your hair out of the way with this Adjustable Running Cap. Sleek in design and made from a breathable material, it comes with a rip-tab which allows easy adjustments. No need to worry about sweaty caps, the fabric used for this gear dries quickly and removes perspiration in no time.

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4. Kalenji Dry+ Men Breathable Running T-Shirt ($12)

If you’re still exercising in cotton t-shirts, it’s high time you swap to this comfy Kalenji Dry+ Men Breathable Running T-Shirt. Lightweight, breathable and fashionable, this t-shirt is made from 80% recycled polyester – doing your part for the planet! Pump up the heart rate but stay cool with natural ventilation provided by the mesh panels under the arms. Comes in 5 different colours.

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5. Run Dry+ Women’s Running T-Shirt ($12)

Ladies, you’re no exception – toss your worries aside and look fabulous while exercising. Comes in white and deep turquoise, this t-shirt is designed with feminine lines to accentuate your curves. It is also made from a blend of polyester and elastane which makes the material soft and comfortable.

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6. Gentle Yoga Mat 8MM ($30)

Find your inner Zen on this Gentle Yoga Mat 8MM for just $15. Whether you’re doing an intense yoga session, HIIT or morning stretches, this cushy mat provides maximum comfort. It’s easy to clean and can be stored easily, anywhere. Comes in 3 attractive colours – Blue Jungle, Burgundy and Green Leaf. Complete your yoga experience with other Decathlon items such as ankle weights and guards.

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All prices listed are accurate at the time of publishing. All images credited to Decathlon. Click here to find a store nearest to you. 

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