Theo10 - Natural Skincare and Healthcare Products - from Eczema Relief, Moisturiser and Hand Sanitisers

4 May 2021 by Farihin Joehari

A homegrown company that specialises in 100% natural and organic products, Theo10®, was founded in 2013 by Theodore Khng. The business catapulted when retail stores ran out of stock for hand sanitisers that grew the production by tenfold. Besides hand sanitisers and disinfectant spray, the start-up also offers a range of healthcare, skincare, baby and personal care. 

Widely known for their best-selling eczema lotion - we break down the benefits of what positions Theo10® ahead from other skincare brands.

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Theo10® Eczema Lotion ($38/ 250ml): Formulated as an after-care lotion post-eczema outbreak, it contains ceramides from rice bran, bee propolis and vegetable glycerine. This product is non-steroid and highly moisturizing, with no preservatives or alcohol, and suitable for all skin types.

Theo10® Eczema Care ($80): Includes 2 products - Theo10® ECZEMA (has menthol which prevents the user from scratching continuously) and Theo10® Moisturise (using a combination of organic essential oils, cold-pressed oils and naturally extracted glycerine). The moisturizing cream does not leave a sticky or oily residue after application.

Theo10® Eczema ($16/ 20ml): Compact and formulated as a child-friendly cream, this lotion is made from peppermint, neem seed essential oil, bee propolis and triple filtered beeswax. It is also water-resistant which helps it to stay on the skin for a long period, giving maximum protection.

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Other notable products from Theo10® includes:

• Baby Care: Theo10® Baby Lotion, Diaper Cream and Shower Gel
• Outdoor Care: Theo10® Repels and Sunscreen
• Oral Care: Theo10® Oral Gel
• Skincare: Theo10® Pain Relief Lotion, Skin and Heat
COVID-19 Essentials: Theo10® Mask Spritz, Squeaky-Hand Sanitiser, Essential Kit and Disinfectant

Enjoy a seamless shopping experience when you shop with Theo10® - receive your products within 2 to 4 working days, 24 hours customer service and FREE delivery for orders above $75.

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