Beat the Singapore Heat With These 8 Tips

23 May 2022

The past few weeks of sweltering heat has made all of us wish we could simply work from inside an icy bath tub instead. Other than hydrating ourselves constantly, there are other tips you can follow to feel more comfortable in this heat. Here are 8 of them.

1. Take Warm Showers

Contrary to popular beliefs, taking a warm shower when the weather is hot can help your body to cool down faster. Our body regulates core temperature by automatically regulating blood flow to our skin. Cold water tricks our skin into thinking our core temperature is lower. Our body then reduces blood flow, keeping more heat in our body.

Bonus tip: Let your hair air dry so as to extend the cooling period of your body.

2. Block the Sun 

Draw your curtains or shades so that your room is not getting constantly baked by the unrelenting sun. Keep your windows open as the key idea is to have air ventilation without the sun. 

3. Change Light Bulbs

Time to make a change if you are still using incandescent light bulbs. LED lights produce up to 70 percent less heat than incandescent ones. They also consume less electricity, making LED bulbs a more economical option for the long term.

4. Make Your Own DIY Air Conditioner

Don't have an air conditioner at home? Simply place a bucket of ice in front of your fan for instant cool relief. 

5. Wear Loose Clothing

Don't worry, the HR manager is not going to know. Wear as light and little as possible when working from home. Heck, skip the underwear if possible. Just be sure to leave your clothings near you so the next time an unexpected Zoom call or delivery rider comes you won't be left in a state of panic (or undress).

6. Consume Hydrating Foods

Certain foods are known to provide extra hydration benefits to our body. Reduce the amount of food you eat so as not to tax our body in this heat, and consume more of fruits and vegetables for that extra hydration. Cut down on meat too as our body produces heat when digesting meat. Check out our list of 8 Foods to Help You Stay as Cool as a Cucumber.

7. Apply Something Cold to Your Pulse Points

Need an instant relief? Dab a towel in cold water and apply it to your pulse points - areas such as the back of your neck and knees. This helps to cool down your brainstem, which regulates temperature in our body.

8. Use Bedsheets That Wick Moisture Away From Your Skin

Say goodbye to damp backs when sleeping with bedsheets made of Tencel material. This material is a form of rayon consisting of cellulose fibre extracted from eucalyptus trees, and is well-known for its superior absorbency. Less moisture results in an "airier" feel when sleeping, helping you get a better night's rest.

Read our review of Tencel, The Unsung Hero We Never Thought We Needed for Better Sleep.

Getting a set of Tencel bedsheets for yourself? Get $50 off Heavenluxe's Premium Bedsheet Bundles when you use our code here.

Hopefully these tips, together with plenty of hydration will help you stay cool and productive when working from home. If you are planning to head outdoors to enjoy the natural breeze instead, check out our guide on the Best Spots in Singapore to Lay Your Picnic Mat.

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Photo by Jorge Vasconez on Unsplash