12 Local Brands to Support in Singapore: Homegrown Labels for Unique Fashion and Gifts

20 February 2023

If you're a fan of supporting local businesses and want to add some unique pieces to your wardrobe or home, shopping for Singapore homegrown labels is a great way to do so. 

From fashion and beauty to food and lifestyle products, there are many Singaporean brands that offer quality and distinctive items. In this article, we'll introduce you to some of the top homegrown labels in Singapore and give you a glimpse of what they have to offer.

1. In Good Company

Image Source: @igcasia

In Good Company is a contemporary womenswear label based locally that offers a range of modern, sophisticated, and versatile clothing for women. Founded in 2012 by four friends with a passion for fashion, In Good Company has since expanded to become one of the most well-known and beloved fashion brands in Singapore. 

Known for their quality fabrics, thoughtful design and attention to detail, In Good Company's collections are designed for the modern woman who seeks effortless elegance and style in her everyday wardrobe.

2. Beyond The Vines

Image Source: @beyondthevines

Unless you have zero interest in the local fashion scene, you would have seen or heard of Beyond The Vines' viral dumpling bag. 

The dumpling bag exploded in popularity soon after it was released, and quickly became a favourite among fashion enthusiasts in Singapore and beyond for its clean yet sophisticated design, which was seen as a great way to add a touch of whimsy and playfulness to any outfit.

Good luck getting your hands on your favourite colour though, as new stocks often get snapped up as soon as they are replenished. 

3. Reckless Ericka

Image Source: @recklessericka

Becoming a finalist in the Young Designer's Contest during Singapore Fashion Week 2007 provided the opportunity for Afton Chen and co-founder Louis to establish the Recklass Ericka label in 2009. 

The label is known for its modern and edgy designs and has gained recognition both locally and internationally. Reckless Ericka's collections often feature bold prints, unconventional silhouettes, and unexpected details, and the brand has a reputation for pushing the boundaries of fashion. 

The label has also participated in numerous fashion shows and events in Singapore and abroad and has collaborated with other brands and organisations.

4. Lovet

Image Source: @shoplovet

Lovet offers a wide range of clothing, including dresses, tops, bottoms, and outerwear, as well as accessories such as bags and jewellery. The brand's designs are known for their feminine and romantic aesthetic, with a focus on soft, flowy fabrics and delicate embellishments.

5. The Closet Lover

Image Source: @theclosetlover

Founded in 2008, The Closet Lover has since expanded to become one of the largest online fashion retailers in Singapore, known for its chic and affordable clothing options. 

The label's collections are designed with the latest fashion trends in mind, but also prioritise comfort and wearability. From flowy dresses and casual tops to workwear and accessories, The Closet Lover offers a diverse range of styles that cater to different occasions and personal tastes.

6. Allies of Skin

Image Source: @alliesofskin

Boasting an Instagram following of over a hundred thousand, Allies of Skin is a Singaporean beauty brand that offers a range of effective and science-driven skincare products. 

Allies of Skin is dedicated to creating products that are clean, potent and clinically proven to deliver real results. Their products are formulated with a range of high-quality ingredients, including antioxidants, peptides, and probiotics, to help address various skin concerns such as acne, aging, and dehydration. 

Their commitment to innovation and transparency has earned them a loyal following and several industry awards!

7. The Paper Bunny

Image Source: @thepaperbunnyThe Paper Bunny is known for its whimsical and colourful designs, which often feature playful illustrations, quotes, and patterns. 

Their products range from planners and journals to tote bags and phone cases and are designed to add a touch of fun and creativity to everyday life. The brand is also committed to sustainability, using eco-friendly materials and practices wherever possible. 

With a growing presence in Singapore and beyond, The Paper Bunny has become a go-to destination for those seeking unique and cheerful stationery and lifestyle products.

8. The Mindful Company

Image Source: @themindfulcompany

The Mindful Company is a jewellery and lifestyle brand whose mission is to create meaningful products that promote mindfulness, gratitude, and positivity. The brand was originally started by founders Ciara and Ling, but in 2020 was then passed on to Trixie and her team from By Invite Only Jewellery, an 11-year-old jewellery brand in Singapore. 

One of The Mindful Company's signature products is their Mindful Reminder bracelet, which is a simple and elegant bracelet with a charm that serves as a reminder to practice mindfulness and gratitude.

The brand has also been recognised for its commitment to social responsibility, and a portion of its profits goes towards supporting mental health initiatives and other social causes.

9. Bynd Artisan

Image Source: @byndartisan

Bynd Artisan specialises in leather goods, stationery, and customisation services. The brand was founded in 2014 and has since gained a reputation for its high-quality products and craftsmanship. 

In addition to products, customers can look forward to workshops where they can watch the brand's skilled artisans create products by hand and learn about traditional bookbinding and leatherworking techniques.

10. The Little Dröm Store

Image Source: @thelittledromstoreThe Little Dröm Store is a lifestyle brand founded in 2010. They started out as a small brick-and-mortar shop in the Ann Siang Hill neighborhood but has since expanded to an online store with an international following. 

The label's product range includes accessories, homeware, stationery, and apparel, with designs that are often inspired by local landmarks, food, and language. Think ice kacang pins and kueh notebooks.

The Little Dröm Store has also collaborated with several other brands and artists over the years, and its products have been stocked in a variety of stores and boutiques around the world.

11. Anothersole

Image Source: @anothersoleofficial

From a small business supplying footwear to international chain stores in 1999 to an internationally known brand that is Anothersole, the company has certainly come a long way.

Anothersole is known for their stylish and comfortable shoes which are made by stitching leather onto a flexible rubble sole that absorbs impact well. The result is a pair of shoes that fit like a glove. Their leather shoes are also made of cow or goat lining instead of pig lining, out of respect for their Muslim customers. 

In additional to footwear, you can also find bags made out of recycled materials

12. Aalst Chocolate

Image Source: @aalstchocolate

Chocolate brand from Singapore? No your eyes are not playing tricks on you. 

Aalst Chocolate is a Singaporean chocolate manufacturer that was founded in 2003. They pride themselves on using premium cocoa beans from various countries to create a range of chocolate products, including chocolate bars, couverture chocolate, chocolate chips, and more.

That's not all, they have also won numerous awards for their chocolate products, both in Singapore and internationally. The company's chocolate has been used by top chefs and pastry chefs in Singapore and around the world, and it is a popular choice among chocolatiers and bakers for its consistent quality and taste.

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