5 Chinese New Year Traditions You Need to Know

18 January 2023

Chinese New Year, or spring festival, is a celebration of the start of the lunar new year. The Chinese believe that what you do during this period can affect your luck for the rest of the year. Here are some things to note if you want to enjoy a year filled with abundance and wealth.

1. Buy new clothes

The Chinese believe that clearing your home and getting rid of unwanted stuff is considered ridding your home of bad luck. That is why our parents used to bring us out to buy new clothes before the start of the lunar new year. Your clothes should preferably be in lucky colours like red or yellow. Worried about looking like a walking ang pow? Choose a shade of red that suits your skintone best, or go bold by pairing a vibrant scarlet with contrasting colours like yellow or green.

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2. Stock up

The Chinese believe that stocking up on food at home will bring in surplus and abundance in the coming year. Look for foods with symbolic meanings - here are 8 foods you have to eat for a prosperous year.

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3. Brighten up

Spruce up your place with fresh and vibrant flowers and plants, especially if you’re expecting visitors! Lucky plants include chrysanthemums, lucky bamboo, phalaenopsis orchids and tangerine trees.

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4. Refresh your home

There is nothing like home, and refreshing the looks of your home from time to time can do wonders for you. Update your living area this new year with stylish frames, quirky welcome mats, cushions, and aromatic candles. After all they are affordable options that can make a world of difference to your living area.

5. Plan a holiday

As the Chinese saying goes "A rest is only the first step of a longer journey ahead". Recharge your batteries with a well-deserved trip abroad before you go full steam ahead this new year. Start planning your getaway around these 7 long weekends in 2023!

The team at meREWARDS would like to wish all our readers a prosperous and abundant year ahead! Happy New Year!