How to stay active and keep fit while working from home

19 May 2020

In response to flattening the curve of COVID-19 in our nation, we’re asked to stay at home and only head out if necessary. While we do our part by staying home, it doesn’t mean we should skip on keeping ourselves fit. Exercising helps to build a strong immunity and protects your body against viruses – it also promotes strong mental health.

Not sure where to start? Fret not, we’ve narrowed some of the best home workouts you can try to incorporate into your routine.

Arm Workouts
Dips: As an alternative to a bench, use your couch or dining chair instead. Dips help build a strong arm, and targets tricep muscles. Do 10 repetitions, for 3 to 4 sets.
Single Arm Row: Stand with your right leg in front, lean forward and support your upper body with right hand on the wall, sofa, or dining table. Using a bottled water, row backwards and upwards. Do 20 repetitions, for 3 to 4 sets.

Abs Workouts

Planks: We know this isn’t your favourite – but it builds a strong core and is one of the most effective workout. It benefits the entire body as you try to stabilise your core. Mix it up with some side planks for maximum effectiveness.
Russian Twists: Instead of using a dumbbell, substitute with a detergent bottle or any home item of similar weight to your regular dumbbell (3kg is ideal). Raise your feet up from the floor for an added challenge.

Exercise on a yoga mat from Shopee.

Leg Workouts

Squats: Use bottled water as your weights, stand shoulder-width apart and embrace your core. Slowly lower your butt down into a squat and ensure your knees are in line with your feet. Squat back up while keeping your knees out and chest up. Do 20 repetitions, for 3 to 4 sets.
Side Leg Raises: Lie on one side with your legs straight out, stacked on top of another. Rest your torso on the floor mat and lift your top leg upwards in a controlled movement. Ensure you are lifting from the hip, not your lower back. Do 25 repetitions, for 3 to 4 sets and then repeat for the other side.

Full Body Workouts

Mountain Climbers: Sounds challenging right? Because it is! Mountain climbers help build a strong stamina. Try it at different paces to get your heart rate pumping. Or you can slow down to engage your core for some ab work.
Burpees: This is a high-intensity exercise that will definitely get your heart rate up, and it is the best finisher for your workout. Try it for 20 seconds, and rest for 10 seconds. Do 3 to 4 sets for a full-body stamina workout.

Be in sports attire for your home workouts from Nike, JD Sports, Adidas and Axtro Sports.

Not sure how to do any of the above? Check out Get Fit With Me – Overcome COVID-19 here, where sports experts share exercise tips and guide you with a step by step tutorial. Or you can follow these exercises that uses water bottles and a mop.

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