Relaxing Self-Care Tips and Ideas for a Healthy Mind, Body and Soul

1 March 2023

Amidst a busy work schedule and finding time for others, we tend to forget about some me-time. Spending quality time alone to rejuvenate yourself is necessary for a happier life, it helps you to stay grounded. There are numerous self-care tips for a healthy mind, body and soul that we can start incorporating into our lives today. It’s high time you hit the pause button, and find time to refresh yourself with these 10 must-know self-care tips.

1. Get an Undisturbed 8 Hours of Sleep Every Night
Studies have shown that if you don’t get at least 8 hours of sleep a night, it may lead to weight gain or affect your concentration and productivity during the day. By having a good night’s sleep, you’re allowing your brain to rest, which improves emotional well-being and help build a strong immunity system. Put your phone away at least 1 hour before bedtime, as the blue light from the device makes it harder to sleep.

2. Stretch When You Rise from Slumber

Upon waking up, take about 10 minutes to do basic stretches to get the blood flowing and stimulate your mind. This helps relax your muscles, and doing it regularly helps to improve your overall body posture and prevents back pain or injuries. Find out how you can start below.

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3. Organise Your Space at Home
Re-organise your home and shift furniture around – but there’s no need to redo your entire home. Breathe life into your humble abode by clearing the pile of laundry on the chair or replace the decade-old carpet with a new one. It’s important to let positive energy flow throw seamlessly in your home, we promise you’ll feel better.

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4. Start Your Day Early


This may be challenging, especially if you love sleeping in - but give it a go. It can be waking up 15 minutes earlier to brew a cup of coffee or tea, and just spend time mentally prepare yourself for the day. The early bird catches the worm, right?

5. Schedule Mini-Meditations Throughout the Day
Don’t worry if you’ve never done meditation before, there are plenty of apps such as Headspace, Balance and Calm which provides 5-minute meditation guides. You’ll note how spending just 5 mins meditating during the day can change your life. Schedule your sessions before lunch and around 4pm to release all the tension and pressure in your body.

6. Plan Healthy Meals

They say you are what you eat! So, if you’re putting junk food into your body every day, then it’s no surprise that you’ll gain some weight. Plan your meals and have a balanced diet that is rich in nutrition. Especially during these trying times, it’s paramount that you build a strong immune system to ward off viruses. Get some of the best organic products from our local supermarkets.

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7. Exercise Regularly

Studies have shown that doing physical activities can improve your overall health and reduces the risk of developing various diseases. If you’re still working from home, there are various home-friendly exercises for beginners to try, so you'll stay fit and healthy.

8. Unplug from Social Media

We know it's difficult, but we should all be staring less at our phones and more at ourselves. Don’t be a slave to technology! Unfollow toxic Instagram profiles that don’t make you feel good about yourself. Instead, curate what you see on your feed and only let positive aura in – because you are in control over how you should feel.

9. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help
We’re not robots and we aren’t built to function like one. If you’re facing challenges at work that are beyond your means, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help. Or if you’re at home and finding it challenging to build a shelf, call a friend or family member to help you. Don’t let your ego get the better of you.

10. Treat Yourself to Some Retail Therapy


It’s good to be frugal and save for the future, but don’t be a cheapskate. Treat yourself with love, and if it comes in the form of retail therapy, go for it. If you have items in your shopping cart that are waiting to be checked out, click check out now (add apply these promo codes too). Go on and live a little, enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

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