13 Self-Improvement Tips to Make 2023 Your Year

22 December 2022

As we start afresh in 2023, take note of these 13 self-improvement tips to make this year your year - for a better and new you.

1. Focus on What You Can Control
Instead of investing all your energy into a situation that is beyond your control, how about accepting them and finding a work-around? When you shift your attention to what you can control, you’ll start to see the window of endless possibilities and opportunities.

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2. Set Realistic Goals

If you still have unachieved goals in 2022, bring them forward and strive to fulfil them. Take time to make some adjustments and set realistic goals by reflecting on the experiences learned last year. While setting your goals, envision how you would like life to look by the end of this year, and go forth!

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3. Get Inspired with TED Talk
Meant to serve as a mini-presentation, it encompasses a wide range of topics such a climate change, society and even self-improvements. Each video is roughly about 20-minutes long, ideal bite-size videos that are perfect for the daily commute. You might chance upon one that resonates with you and possibly changes your way of life.

4. Declutter Your Environment

Keep your house, room, or working desk free of clutter and dispose of unwanted items. Start by tossing out unwanted papers, bills, receipts to single earrings, books and clothes that aren’t your style anymore. For inspiration, search on Pinterest and see how others maximise their living and working space.

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5. Keep a Bullet Journal

A bullet journal (BuJo for short) is an organisational tracking system that allows you to keep track of your busy life. It doesn’t have to be reserved for special moments, even daily tasks like planning for your holiday or going grocery shopping can be jotted down too. Use your journal to pen down morning and bedtime to form a routine.

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6. Admitting your Mistakes
Facing the music and understanding your mistakes, will carve you to be your best self - avoid sweeping it under the rug. Making mistakes is inevitable and they shouldn’t be seen negatively. See the glass half-full instead of half-empty and assess how you can apply these lessons learned for the future.

7. Face your Fears Head On
Fear comes in different shapes and forms such as physical or mental. The first step is to acknowledge what are your fears and then disassociating them from fear. It may be challenging and may take a long time, but it’s the effort that matters. Once you realise that your fear is just a state of mind, you’ll open a door with endless opportunities. Surround yourself with courageous people and always ask for guidance. You’ll be surprised how different your life will be a year from now!

8. Don’t Shy Away from Feedback
Learning is an endless journey, just like how age is just a number. Always ask questions whenever unclear and always seek feedback. Accept them constructively and assess how you can be better moving forward. Don’t rush for growth, everyone advances in their life at a different pace. Be the boss of your own mind and body!

9. Give Yourself a Break

With all the self-help books and positive quotes flooding your social media feeds, we are smacked with toxic positivity which can be overwhelming. Take time to unwind once in a while, and recharge fully before you head back to the grind finishing up a work assignment.

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10. Reward Yourself With a Staycation

Source: Capella Singapore

Source: Lloyds Inn

With the relaxation of public health measures, hotels have seen an uptick in bookings and enquiries. Many hotels have also upgraded their facilities and interior during the pandemic downtime. Take some time off work and give yourself the much-deserved break away from home. 

11. Pamper Your Skin
Have a morning and bedtime skincare routine and moisturize your skin. After a long day at work in an air-conditioned office, your skin is all dried up and long walks to lunch spots have exposed your skin to harmful Ultraviolet (UV) rays. With a personalized skincare routine, your skin will thank you even 10 years from now. Or go for a rejuvenating spa your body will thank you for here.

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12. Get Active to a Healthier You

Each time you exercise, your body releases endorphins. These chemicals help in relieving pain and stress – something we all can resonate with. With a healthy lifestyle, other aspects of our lives are also positively affected such as improving your sleep, strengthens the immune system and promotes healthy vitality.

13. Pack your Bags for a Short Holiday
When leisure travel picks up, go ahead and book that ticket for a much needed holiday! Go for a short trip with your significant other or friends. Check out our Ultimate 4-Day itinerary to Bali or 10 Experiences You Cannot Miss in Bangkok for some ideas. You’ll be surprised how occasional quick getaways can improve your life.

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